Suburbs with the best public schools in New York

Moving with kids can be stressful but also very exciting. From packing and relocation process to settling up in a new area. But, before any of this starts, you need to find a place that will give your kids everything they need growing up. One of these things that should be put extra attention to is finding a great place with schools. Living in suburbs with the best public schools in New York will give you the calm and peace that you have been searching for. And once you do decide which place is going to be your final destination, you can put your trust in some of the best movers NYC has to offer.


Why is it important to give your kids the best education possible?

Finding the right great public school is very challenging. If your kid gets into some of the best public schools they will be prepared for a successful college career. That is why when you are searching for places with great schools, you need to have a few things on your mind.

Choose the schools that can offer you different benefits

If you are working in the center of NYC, see how the suburb you have chosen is connected with the city. You will want to be there with your kids s much time as you can. The other thing is that the suburb you have chosen is safe. Even though some places have great schools, they are not on the top of the list of the safest suburbs. Being in great schools is nothing if your kids cannot learn by exploring the world around them when he is not in school. So before you make the final decision and start packing your stuff, call local movers in NYC and let them do the hard work.

Get to now NYC before choosing the right suburb

We all know how great NYC is. It is a city where most people dream of living. But, there are some things that you need to know about NYC and its suburbs before you chose the best suburb with public schools in New York.

When it comes to the costs of living, NYC is among the most expensive cities. The average cost of living index in NYC is a little higher than the national living cost index. But, sometimes, from time to time, you can find that this is changing. Some suburbs are a little more expensive than others. That is why before you settle down and see which one suits you the most, check if you can afford to live there.

The other great thing about NYC is that no matter what suburb you live in, they are all really good connections with the center of New York City. You will not have a problem traveling from one place to the other with the train or metro. If you have not got this type of transport in your current hometown, you can always research about it during your long-distance relocation provided by some of the best long-distance movers NYC has.

List of suburbs with the best public schools in New York

New York has so many suburbs that are suitable for you and your kids. But among all of them, only a few of them can brag about having the best public schools in their area.

Fairfield County, CT

Moving from NYC to CT will bring your kids the best possible education. The reason for this is that Fairfield County has some of the best public high schools in the world.

One of them is Westport which is ranked to be the first one on the list of the best high schools in the state. The teachers here were also ranked to be the best ones. To give you a precise statistic, 76% of students are proficient in math and 90% in reading.

kid going to school
Pay attention to kids’ feelings

Darien High School is ranked to be the third one and it is located 44 miles from NYC. There are over1300 students and according to the test scores, 85 percent of students are proficient in math and 95 percent in reading.

There is one more public school that is located in this suburb. It is New Canaan High School and it has the best college prep. It is only a one-hour train ride from NYC.

Bergen County, NJ

There are three most wonderful and great public schools in this area. The first one of them is Bergen County Academics. According to the statistic, it has 1000 students in grades 9-12. They are great in both math and reading. Your kids will be delighted to see that here you can feel free to leave your kids alone at home for even a whole weekend knowing that they live in one of the safest suburbs in the states.

The second one is Bergen County Technical High School – Teterboro. Moving from NYC to NJ will be a delight knowing your kids will be in the schools that also attend 620 students with some great rates.

The third one, also one of the best public schools in New York’s suburbs is Tenafly. Here your kids can explore their ways of creativity, see how intelligent they are, and be involved in some of the most powerful political debates which will give them a great position when applying for college.

One of the suburbs with the best public schools in New York is Westchester County

There are a few great public schools here:

  1. Scarsdale Senior High School,
  2. Horace Greenly High School,
  3. Mamaroneck High School.

Each of these schools is ranked to be among the top 20 public high schools. Whichever you choose, you will not make a mistake. Your kids will get some of the best education possible and you will not have to worry about whether they will be ready for college. One of the things you will need to pay attention to is that this County had been voted to be the most expensive one. So, before moving here, check your savings and prepare your moving budget, so you will have enough for hiring residential movers in NYC and for living here in a few months. Before the first salary on your new job comes.

school bus with lights on
Explore the ways of getting to school

This free school district serves about 6000 students. It has one preschool, four elementary schools, and two traditional high schools. The best part of this place is the Village School. This school will provide you with some kind of alternative education. Here students with emotional difficulties can find their place while struggling with the world. If you have a kid that needs special care, or just a little more work, you will face some disruptions during the relocation. That is why the best solution for you is to find the moving company that suits you the most and ask for moving quotes and a free moving estimate. This will help you a lot while preparing for a move.

Are you looking for a place where your kids can go to school and learn how to live with different cultures and types of people? This suburb is for you. It is most known as a place that has a high level of diversity. Schools here offer the same rules for eh student. There are no privileges for someone who is rich or has relatives in high positions.

chairs in the same row
Pick a school that can benefit your kid in future

The schools your kid will attend after you have hired some of the best Manhattan residential movers to relocate you, have some of the best programs for kids. On the other hand, there are a lot of part-time jobs here your kid can apply for while learning. This is the best chance for your kid to get some real and healthy habits and still earn some money for himself.

Battery Park City, Manhattan

Education in this place is among some of the best ones in the state. There are four public schools. One elementary, one middle school, and one combined. This may be the perfect chance for your kids to shave some lifelong friends. A lot of us know how difficult it can be changing the schools and neighborhoods, But if you get them into some of them that are combined like this one might in Battery Park City, your relocation with Manhattan local movers will not be such a big deal to them. On the plus side, residents of this place have a high graduation rate. Over 95 percent of residents have graduated on time.


There is one public school that Queens is the most famous for. It is Brad High School Early College. A lot of people and even some of the most exceptional reviews and references describe this place as a place where they have found their future. Being in high school, especially during a period when it is time for college is very challenging. Some students and kids are under a lot of pressure to find the school and the college where they will fit in. That is why this place is among the best suburbs with the best public schools in New York. Kids will get a chance to go through numerous tests and see what kind of education and college is right for them.
school yard in one of the suburbs with the best public schools in New York
A school with a yard has its benefits
The greatest thing about Queens, that not many people know, is that this place is safe. This is important because no one has a lot of trust in bi places. Queens is not so big suburb but will give you a sense of safety. This means a lot when you are trying to raise your kids in the best way possible.

The last one on the list of suburbs with the best public schools in New York is the  Staten Island

Believe it or not, here you can find some of the best public schools, not just private. The greatest flow when moving here is that you will be faced with some of the most expensive living costs. However, living in Staten Island gives you a chance not only to give your kids the best education possible. You can even search for numerous job opportunities. The center of NYC is close, so there are more options for you. Working for more money will give your kid a chance to go here to some public schools. Plus, numerous of these companies you are applying for a job has some kind of tutorial centers and after-college activities. Those will prepare your kids for the big world. And for some real jobs. If this is something that your kids crave, do not hesitate and move here as soon as possible.

If none of these suburbs does suit you, search for the public schools in New York City

It might be difficult to get your kid into some of the best public schools in the center of NYC, but you can of course give it a try. There are some great schools and you will be delighted to hear that none all of them are always crowdy. However, the flaw if your kids go to public schools in the center is that they do not get the attention they needed. Every kid is different and we need to be aware of that. That is why, if you have kids who need special education or some kind of special attention, our advice is to search for schools that are not in the center of New York. Try with the ones in suburbs. You will not regret it.

yard of a public schools
There are great suburbs with the best schools in New York.

Kids do not know how close to the city their schools are. Well, they do not care as we do. Let them have the schools and friends they like and give them the possibility to grow up near the people whom they are similar. That they like. Later on, when they need to go to college or when they need to start their own family, they will make the decision that suits them the most. Just put your trust in them and make sure you pick some of the best suburbs with the public schools in New York.


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