Smart Advice for People Moving During the Holidays

Moving isn’t the same throughout the whole year. There is always a difference whether you move during Summer or during Spring. Sometimes it’s a smaller difference like the weather conditions. However, if you decide to move during the holidays, you’ll need some good advice for people moving during the holidays. You need to pay attention to the traffic. Another thing to make sure you do well is to prepare in advance. You should also make sure the prices are good, and if they aren’t you should try to find someone with better prices.

Starting to prepare on time is the best advice for people moving during the holidays

Holidays are a generally stressful time of the year by default. You have many obligations to people around you, there is always some rush at the work and people are always in a hurry. So, to avoid having to deal with all of that, the best advice for people moving during the holidays would be to start preparing at least three or four weeks before the move. If you prepare well, the best movers Queens has to offer will help you relocate without any delays or other significant problems.

A potluck is being served to a lot of people.
You can always make a nice potluck for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’re in charge of holiday gatherings, plan them away from home

You don’t have to skip the holidays entirely. After all, it’s only once a year you get to experience all the lovely stuff that comes with the holidays. You can still relax while residential movers in Queens relocate your home. However, if it’s a tradition to invite the family to your home, you should skip it this year. It’s not practical and it will just make it even more stressful for you.

You can rent a house where you can hold the gathering. Maybe some cabin in the woods or a house by the beach. Even if that’s out of the picture, you can always make a potluck and ask every member to bring a meal they will share with everyone else. Maybe that’s not an option, but hiring some catering services can always save the day.

Divide your packing process and make a packing plan

Anyone who’s ever packed for a relocation knows what it’s like. It takes a lot of your time and it’s a lengthy process, even if you don’t have a lot of stuff to pack. Even if you hire Best Movers NYC, you will lose a lot of it. That’s why this is one of the best pieces of advice for people moving during the holidays.

Once your calendar is organized well, you can fully commit to packing. Think about which room to pack first. You can start with the biggest one. Or perhaps, with the one that’s used the least. If you don’t have any guests, you can start by packing your closets, guest bedrooms, and storage areas. Those rooms are always the easiest to start with.

You can also use one of the guest bedrooms as the storage for all of the packing material you will be using. That way you’ll avoid creating a maze of empty boxes and duct tape throughout the house. Last but not least, the main reason why this piece of advice for people moving during the holidays is so important is that it helps you avoid burnout. You will be able to do the whole job without exhausting yourself.

A Christmas ornament is hanging from a tree.
You don’t have to pack all your Christmas decorations immediately, but you should pack the majority.

Don’t pack all the holiday decorations

Since it’s the holidays, a good thing to do before you start packing is to take a walk through the house. Look at all the stuff you have and think about what you will need during the holidays. Everything else, you can pack. The more you can pack at the moment, the easier the relocation will be.

Try to scale back on holiday decorations this year. Keep in mind you will have to pack everything you put up as a decoration last. So, the less you put up, the less work you’ll have. Simply placing a wreath on the door and putting a small tabletop Christmas tree in the house can do all the work. You will still have some nice decorations and you will be able to keep packing without any interruptions.

There may be some unexpected expenses

Advice for people moving during the holidays on this matter is always very simple. Since it’s the holiday season, there’s a big chance you’ll encounter some additional expenses. During the holidays, some companies often ask for additional payment to “lock the date” and that way secure your relocation date. Don’t be bothered by it, it’s quite common but it does mean spending more money.

Try to keep records of how you spend all your money. You should set a precise budget before the relocation begins. Make sure you get every receipt once you purchase something. Another good thing to do is to call your company beforehand and make sure you understood all the prices and everything they are offering.

A Christmas ornament is on the table.
A piece of advice for people moving during the holidays: Try to get all the moving supplies during the holiday sales.

Holiday sales are the right time to buy moving supplies

If you are in need of some additional packing supplies or you have none at all, the right time to buy some new ones is Black Friday. Make a big list of everything you need before your long distance movers come to move your stuff. Go to the store that has a good deal during holiday sales and purchase everything you need. You can make a checklist of all the utilities, home services, and other transfers of service you’ll need to schedule. Make all the supplies visible on the checklist so that you can find everything you need in the store.

Moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be a mess. You don’t have to skip enjoying the holidays either. Try to move during the evening or early in the morning. That’s when the traffic jams aren’t as common. Just think about all of the advice for people moving during the holidays and if you follow the steps we provided for you, your relocation will be much easier and nicer than you would expect.

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