Riding the waves in Belle Harbor

Are you considering visiting Belle Harbor, a hidden gem nestled along the Queens, New York coast? If so, you are on the way to checking out one of the most beautiful places in the state. While this neighborhood may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfing, it boasts a vibrant surfing culture waiting to be explored. And as one of the best moving companies New York City offers, we will gladly help you get to know it better. Join us as we uncover how the art of riding the waves in Belle Harbor shapes the unique lifestyle of its residents.

The hidden paradise of Belle Harbor

Not so many places in the USA offer everything Belle Harbor does. A unique surfing experience that combines the thrill of riding waves with the enchanting backdrop of New York City has been the dream of many, no matter where they reside. Its picturesque beaches and consistent swells have become a well-kept secret among surfers in the area. While not as famous as California or Hawaii, Belle Harbor has a charm that attracts locals and visitors alike. And while Belle Harbor NY movers usually relocate people moving there for other reasons, most of them end up tangled in the wonderful world of surfing.

A family inspecting their surfboards while riding the waves in Belle Harbor
Often considered to be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in this state- Belle Harbor will not disappoint you in any way.

Riding the waves in Belle Harbor

The city is home to several surf spots that cater to surfers of all levels. The Rockaways, located within Belle Harbor’s vicinity, offer a range of breaks, from gentle waves suitable for beginners to more challenging barrels that excite experienced wave riders. Locals have their favorite spots, such as Beach 90th Street and Beach 116th Street, which provide consistent waves throughout the year.

When it comes to newcomers, they will discover everything about these spots relatively fast. You will visit some of them as soon as you connect with your new neighbors and friends. Thanks to moving companies Queens offers you will not have to spend so much time dealing with your items. Instead, pinpoint some of the locations and get your equipment ready!

Waves that bring people together

Surfing in Belle Harbor is not just about riding waves; it’s about building relationships and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the residents. Many surfers come from diverse backgrounds and have found solace and connection in the ocean. The local surf scene also transcends age, profession, and social status. People gather at dawn to catch the first waves, sharing tips, laughter, and the occasional wipeout. Through their shared love for the sport, bonds are formed, and lifelong friendships are forged. Those who have difficulties adapting to new places will find adjusting much easier in this place.

Once local movers Queens NY offers unload your items, and your move is officially over, start exploring the area. Keep in mind that riding the waves in Belle Harbor will lead you straight to the heart of the neighborhood. After a while, you will feel like you have lived there your whole life. According to locals, the best time of the year to surf here is from September through April. At that time, hurricanes and storms from the south form steady two-to-six-foot waves. Considering this is almost ideal for all surfers, ensure you are there on time.

A person surfing in the middle of the sea
Even if you are not a fan of surfing, riding the waves in Belle Harbor is a must-try!

Surfing events

Throughout the year, Belle Harbor comes alive with various events that showcase the neighborhood’s surf culture. The annual Rockaway Beach Surf Club Festival is a highlight, attracting individuals from all over the region. This event features exhilarating competitions, live music, art exhibitions, and food stalls. It creates a carnival-like atmosphere that celebrates the oceanic spirit for everyone. You can also show off your skills here and connect with the wider surfing community.

It is good to mention that all the events in this place are also an excellent chance to grow a business. If yours is related to it in any way, you will get an opportunity to display your products or services to the new client base. We are talking about selling the boards, decorating or fixing them, or offering all participants lovely refreshments. Even though the competition will be fierce, your capital will most likely skyrocket in a place like this one.

Community and resilience

Surfing in Belle Harbor is not merely a recreational activity; it has become an integral part of the neighborhood’s identity. It instills a sense of resilience and appreciation for the natural environment. The community’s connection to the ocean encourages an eco-conscious mindset, with locals actively participating in beach cleanups and conservation efforts. Moreover, surfing serves as a way to escape the fast-paced city life, promoting mental well-being and offering a unique form of self-expression.

During the surf season, the place will be full of tourists, so expect some of them to stay even longer. In fact, more than 15% of permanent relocations to Belle Harbor are a result of prolonged stays. Furthermore, those who simply love visiting during the busy period place Belle Harbor in the top 5 favorite surfing locations. 

A large group of people nestled on a beach as seen from the sky
Don’t forget to check out all upcoming surfing events in Belle Harbor and prepare for the new surfing season.

Enjoy riding the waves in Belle Harbor

This place may be tucked away in Queens, but its vibrant surfing culture shines through the waves that crash upon its shores. If you decide to move there, there will be no better way to celebrate your move than by joining the fun on the beach. Riding the waves in Belle Harbor is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life that brings people together, cultivates resilience, and shapes the local lifestyle. So, grab your board, join the community, and immerse yourself in the unique surfing experience in this one-of-a-kind NYC neighborhood!

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