Reasons You Need a Moving Inventory List

You decided on relocating home and you need a bit of help with the entire process. It is entirely understandable because it is not so easy task to execute. One must find one of the best moving companies New York, organize packing, cover legalities, dedicate an appropriate budget, and cover all personal responsibilities. There is a lot to do for sure. That is why you need some kind of a guide to help you keep up with everything. So, let us help you today by providing a few tips and tricks on how to assemble one. Here are the reasons you need a moving inventory list. Let’s take a look.

Inspection of your belongings is one of the reasons you need a moving inventory list

As you already know, to organize a relocation you need to list down all your furniture and belongings you possess. Simply because you must know how many materials you must purchase to pack everything and your residential movers NYC need this information as well. Although, they need it for different reasons. They must know how many workers to send over, how many hours to invest, and what size of a moving vehicle is needed. All the information will be obtained once you cover the thorough home inspection. Start by checking all rooms inside your home and then move onto the attic, garage, basement, and backyard. Once you cover everything, list it down on your inventory list.

room with furniture
You must inspect your furniture and note all hard-to-handle pieces you possess.

Furthermore, there are many reasons you need a moving inventory list and some of them are quite specific. If you are relocating special items like a piano, gun rack, artwork, pool table, or extremely hard-to-handle furniture, your movers must know about it. The same goes for office relocation and special equipment tied to the business in question. In such a situation, your commercial moving companies NYC must know all the details and they will highly appreciate that you have the inventory list ready. Therefore, create one before you contact your movers.

A search for a reliable moving company

As we already explained, your local movers in Manhattan NY need as much info you can provide so they can assemble a safer and better relocation plan. Although, even if you provide them only with a few bits of information, experienced movers should be able to provide estimates and work something out. This means you should search for an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional moving company. To find one, you should search on the internet. Type in your search criteria and narrow it down to a few candidates. Soon enough you’ll have a few fine choices. Compare them by checking prices, services, and reviews. Once you are sure they are legit with permits, tools, and safety standards in place, call them to push your plans forward.

to note all info about movers is one of the reasons you need a moving inventory list
All the information you are to find about your moving company should go onto the moving checklist.

Just remember, never choose the first one you find. Give yourself enough time to browse through moving-related content and learn more about it. After all, this is your home, belongings, and investment we are talking about. You do not want to get hurt or damage your items in the process. Therefore, research for an hour at least and then call your movers.

Another among the reasons you need a moving inventory list is the packing plan

Your packing plan can’t go without an inventory list. Simply because you must note all the items you possess along with the furniture. As we mentioned earlier, you movers must know how many items you possess and you must know how many packing materials you should purchase. Therefore, after you figure it out, go to the nearest hardware store or a home depot and purchase everything required. Or you can order everything online. Whatever is more convenient for you. Just make sure you add to your list enough cardboard boxes, packing tape, labels, and blister packs. Those are the mandatory ones that will cover all your needs.

Although, if you have special items or extremely valuable ones, consult with store clerks, and purchase higher-quality materials. Those can be corner pads, customized boxes, plastic bins, dividers, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, stronger plastic wrap, and the list goes on and on. Keep in mind they are a bit more expensive but it comes with the territory.

Downsizing and decluttering

Reasons you need a moving inventory list include decluttering and downsizing. Now when you have your inventory list filled with all furniture and belongings you possess, you can sort everything out. Meaning, you can decide what is old, unused, broken, outworn, or simply ready to go. All those not-needed items you can get rid of and finally create more space in your new home. Moreover, you will have fewer boxes to relocate and fewer materials to use for packing. This means your relocation is cheaper and easier. Therefore, inspect all those items and furniture and do one of the following:

  • Donate to a local church or a charity organization.
  • Give to friends or relatives.
  • Sell online or at a garage sale.
  • Recycle or throw away.
  • Leave at neighbors as a parting gift.
old items on the table
Declutter and downsize while packing. It will make you feel much better.

Whatever you do, just make sure those items are properly discarded. You do not want them to end up somewhere in the field and hurt the environment. So, spend some time decluttering and helping others and yourself.

Unpacking and settling in

With all the nicely packed and labeled boxes, you will have an easier time unpacking and settling in. All you must do is to instruct your movers where to put all the furniture and boxes. This way you won’t clutter your space and you will have some of the furniture already positioned. You will avoid doing any physical labor this way and you will leave enough space to move around with your boxes. Then, just follow your plan and your checklist and unpack like a pro. Do it gradually and enjoy it while doing it.

Those were the reasons you need a moving inventory list. If you create one and pair it with your moving checklist, you will never forget a thing. And if your movers are so amazing like you are, then you have nothing to worry about other than to write a moving review upon the job well done. Hopefully, you’ll have a pleasant moving experience. Good luck!


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