Reasons to Move to Harlem Next Year

We each seek a place to call home, whether that might be a cozy condo, apartment, or house. Now, because each of us has different preferences, as well as lifestyles, the decision to move can be an incredibly personal one. However, if you’re considering a move, it doesn’t get much better than Harlem – and here are just some of the reasons why. As we go through the reasons to move to Harlem during the next year, we’ll consider the many advantages this neighborhood has to offer. Moreover, relying on Best Movers NYC to help you tackle this process can help you transition with ease. Not to mention the fact that Harlem has been historically famous for its vibrant culture and community. Harlem is a place of entertainment, artistry, family values, and most importantly: a safe place to call home.

Reasons to move to Harlem next year – Everything you should know

With its rich history, the Harlem community offers a wide variety of experiences for all that call it home. From the traditional jazz clubs to modern eateries, there is something for everyone here. Additionally, the cultural diversity of this neighborhood lends itself to an atmosphere where people are free to be themselves and explore their own identities! For starters, its incredible history is familiar far and wide; as a center for African American arts and culture that dates back to the 1920s; Harlem is a place of cultural appreciation and celebration. Moreover, it has become known as a desirable area for young professionals. This is due to its proximity to Manhattan; making it easy to commute into the city for work. Hence, if you choose from reliable local movers in Manhattan NY, you can ensure that all of your items are safely transported to your new home in Harlem.

Proximity to NYC

Harlem is located in one of the most prestigious cities in the world – New York City! This means that you can take advantage of all the amazing amenities this city has to offer; like art galleries, theaters, and more. Plus, living in Harlem puts you close enough to visit Manhattan whenever you want without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of daily city life. For those that are coming here to seek a career, this is the perfect place to start a new chapter. With so many job opportunities located right here in Harlem, you can start making a living without having to travel far away from home.

a picture of a street in Broadway
One of the biggest reasons to move to Harlem next year has to be the accessibility to the entire city

Once you get matched with the best movers Harlem NYC has, you can slowly but safely move your belongings to this fantastic neighborhood. The NYC proximity of Harlem makes it one of the most desirable neighborhoods for almost every lifestyle.

Harlem is known for its rich culture and history

From classic architecture and historically significant monuments to lively nightlife spots along 125th Street; there is so much to explore in this unique neighborhood. Plus, Harlem is a place that celebrates its diverse culture and history; you can always find something new to experience. Whether it’s sampling soul food at local eateries or spending the day at one of the many museums located here, there’s never a dull moment in Harlem. If you are someone that is looking for a place to call home that has plenty of culture and history, this is the perfect spot for you. On the other hand, Harlem is also known for its schools and universities, making it an ideal spot for families. With reputable educational facilities located here, as well as a great selection of recreational activities; there is something to do for all ages in this neighborhood!

Reasons for moving to Harlem: The neighborhood affordability

  • The median one-bedroom apartment rent is around $1,600 by 2022
  • Home prices in Harlem are around $707,000 by 2022
  • Harlem is, on average, 25% cheaper than the rest of NYC
a man stacking coins on the table
Living in Harlem, at the moment, is a much more affordable option that the vast majority of NYC neighborhoods

When it comes to affordability, Harlem is the perfect neighborhood to call home. Not only is it conveniently located, but its prices are more affordable than most of the city. This means that you can find great deals on apartments and homes in this area if you’re willing to look around. Additionally, you might want to get to know how inflation impacts Manhattan properties before you move to the neighborhood. That way, you can be sure that you are making a smart investment when it comes to your future home. Once you have sorted out all of the necessary paperwork, find reliable movers in Harlem NYC that can secure and transport your items safely and quickly!

Harlem has amazing amenities

When you look at all the reasons to move to Harlem, you’ll see that it’s much more than just a historic neighborhood; it offers amazing amenities that make living here enjoyable. From public parks to recreational activities like cycling and jogging, this area has something for everyone. This includes excellent shopping options, with trendy stores like Harlem Vintage, funky boutiques, and great restaurants to choose from. Additionally, you can also find multiple art galleries, historic monuments, and live music venues.

a picture of an empty street in East Harlem, to depict the reasons to move to Harlem in 2023
If we take East Harlem for example, this part of the neighborhood is full of Caribbean, Italian, and Puerto Rican culture and population; making it a great place for dining out

All of this makes living in Harlem an amazing experience; so why not move here next year? With some research, planning, and help from reliable NYC movers; you can make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible! Harlem is also famous for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment, with a variety of venues to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed evening or an all-night party, Harlem is the perfect spot for it!

Preparing for your relocation next year

Although there are many reasons to move to Harlem in the year to come, you should still be prepared for the transition. This includes finding a qualified moving company in the neighborhood of Harlem, setting up your utilities and internet service before you arrive, and more. Additionally, be sure to research the area carefully so that you know what to expect when you move here. With proper preparation and help from experienced movers in NYC; you can make sure that the move to Harlem next year is as stress-free as possible. Whether it’s its affordability, vibrant culture and nightlife, or great educational facilities; this neighborhood has something unique and special to offer. With proper preparation and help from reliable movers in Harlem, you can make the move to this exciting and vibrant area next year.

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