Queens Borough Profile – Neighborhoods, Lifestyle, and Much More

If you’ve been thinking about moving to the Big Apple and aren’t sure which part will suit you, you should check out the borough of Queens. As New York’s largest borough, this is where you’ll do the most exploring, seeing, and learning. The home of 50 Cent and basketball coach Ronald William Artest is a queen of ethnic diversity. Much of Queens has developed over the past century. With the planned construction of a community with garden apartments, revolutionary principles of housing and urbanism were established here. If you decide to move to this urban area, which is believed to be the home of most languages, you will find support from one of the Queens movers. With their help, we created this Queens borough profile to better get to know this Big Apple neighborhood.

What are you going to love about Queens?

In addition to having a huge area to choose your future home, more than 100 square miles, there are also other important things. There are two airports, museums and galleries, stadiums, and plenty of restaurants with the most diverse tastes from all over the world. Let’s meet all neighborhoods of Queens County.

view on NYC
The most beautiful view of Manhattan is precisely from the neighborhood of Queens

Long Island City as part of Queens borough profile

This quiet residential area with a population of 55,976 has the best view of Manhattan. When you arrive by ferry to this Queens neighborhood, the biggest symbol, the Pepsi Cola sign will greet you. This chill, layback area is ranked 42nd out of 229 New York neighborhoods. An area that is constantly developing, especially on the water. If you find yourself in Hunters Point Park during the summer for one of the events, you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful view of the New York skyline. This is the part where you will be able to enjoy the cuisines of different restaurants, as well as bars, and have fun in the parks.

You are interested in why it is good for life

What we will mention first is the average household income of this settlement. At $103,900, which is significantly more than the national average of $64,994, you can live comfortably if you have your apartment. Comparing the cost of living in Long Island City to the national average, home ownership is the hardest to afford. Given the median home value of $1,747,471 which is 53% more than the national average, 83% of the population lives in rented apartments. At the same time, the average rent is $4,067, which is much more acceptable to the population that wants to live in this western part of Queens. If you decide to buy a house in this part of Queens, the help of one of the best Long Island movers NY offers will be welcome. However, among all the benefits of living in NYC, buying a home is the least of them.

When it comes to education, Long Island City boasts excellent schools, ranked A+. Among the 503 public schools, many are in the top 50 best schools in NYC. If you’re moving to this Queens neighborhood with school-aged children, check out NYC’s top-ranked Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, as well as Townsend Harris High School.

The crime rates

Residents consider eastern Queens neighborhoods safer to live in. Although the rate of violent crime is low, others do occur. The chances of your house being robbed are high if you don’t have a proper security system. This neighborhood of Queens is among the average safe cities in the USA. Crime is more frequent in public places, airports, parks, and schools. If this information will affect where you move, keep in mind that the eastern part of Long Island City is safer than the northwestern part.

Job opportunities on this western tip of Queens

Long Island City is a neighborhood with a younger population. The average age is 33.5 years and the majority of the population work in private companies, as much as 72.88%. Less than 10% of the population works in the public sector, as well as in non-profit organizations. The percentage of self-employed in Long Island City is 7.91. Many find themselves in art and culture. In addition to the art community, you will find plenty of galleries, art institutions, and studios for artists as well as museums. So, if this neighborhood suits you for your business, our commercial movers Queens trusts will help you to realize your relocation. Just contact us and we will arrange everything.

cherry blossom in Queens
In the spring, you can spend a day among the cherry blossoms in Flushing

The second part of our Queens borough profile is the Flushing neighborhood

This eastern part of Queens is kind of like Manhattan’s Chinatown. With a crazy ethnic diversity and a lot of people from the East, here you will be able to enjoy East Asian cuisine as well as their shopping malls. The main street of Roosevelt Avenue got its name America’s tastiest streets from Good Magazine. There are restaurants with Chinese, Indian, and Latin American cuisine. Among the different temples there you will find everything from the Buddhist Temple to the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church. The most famous part of this settlement, which has more than 200 thousand inhabitants, is Flushing Meadows, Corona Park. The park, where there is always fun, is the place for trails, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, biking, and kayaking. In the spring, you can rest here with the cherry blossoms blooming or spend an amazing day in the Zoo.

Employment and social assistance in Flushing

This neighborhood is the fourth largest central business district in New York. With 74.59% of employees in the private sector and 10.25% in government institutions, Flushing is one of the main commercial and retail areas of New York. The career opportunity and best income are in the healthcare field where you can expect to earn over $15,000 per month. However, the median household income in Flushing is $58,920, which is less than the national average. Dozens of nonprofits and other civic communities are also located in Flushing to meet the needs of the unemployed. They offer job search assistance, affordable housing, and training for future jobs. One of the free programs, Woman to Work, helps women learn handicrafts or help with home health care.

Higher chances of home ownership

Out of the total number of 63831 residential units, 60.7 are rented and 39.3 are owned. The median value of the house shows an increase compared to last year in the amount of 2.5% which came to $665K. The chances of becoming a homeowner are higher than in Manhattan, especially if you come from higher income areas of the city. Moving companies Flushing NY will handle your relocation in record time as soon as you make a decision.

The crime rate and education

Crime often has its beginnings in schools, so it is not out of place to look at them together. The crime rate in Flushing is higher than the national average. The northern part of the neighborhood is safer than the northwest, and the chances of becoming a victim are 1 in 9. Most of the incidents take place in public places. The parks, of which there are 21 in Flushing, are the most frequent place for assaults and robberies. Schools and residential properties are also under attack.

Although there are better schools in both public and private education, the majority of the population is poorly educated. With 29 public and 19 private schools, the education of the population is 37% with High school, 18% College, and 15% Bachelor’s degrees. Public schools have an average math and reading proficiency score higher than the NYC average. The average rating for schools in Flushing is 9 out of 10, placing it in the top 20% of New York public schools. So, if you are a fan of this way of life, filled with the scent of the East, the Flushing is the right choice for you. You too will make a good choice by contacting one of the best long distance movers in Queens. They will take care of the safety of your relocation.

Chinese restaurant in NYC
In the epicenter of New York’s diversity, Jackson Heights, you can dine in restaurants of different cuisines, Chinese, Filipino, as well as Indian. All this makes a unique Queens borough profile

Jackson Heights Woodside is the third part of Queens borough profile

This can safely be called the epicenter of New York’s diversity. Excellent area to live in, with a white-Hispanic-Asian population. It is ranked 148 out of 229 best places to live in NY. If you are a foodie, here you will find everything you can try. You will have everything from Filipino to Indian restaurants at your disposal. This northwestern part of Queens is home to 71,308 residents. Of that number, even 60% were not born in the USA. So, don’t be surprised if you find a Korean supermarket, a Filipino beauty salon, and a Buddhist temple in your neighborhood.

Is Jackson Heights livable?

This neighborhood is a great place to live and raise children. With a total number of 23742 households, 29.62% are with children. Given that the cost of living is 24% higher than the NYC average, it would be better if the median household income of $61,239 was higher. However, the population aged 25-40, which is the largest, has the highest income, an average of $82,871. Because of that, the neighborhood is suitable for the life of young professionals. More than 66% of the population live in rented apartments. The median house value is $508,413, which made it possible for 33% of residents to be homeowners. If you decide to become one of them, you can seek help with moving from movers in Jeckson Hights NY. With its professional moving teams, you will soon find yourself in the warmth of your new home.

The influence of other factors on the quality of life in Jackson Heights

As much as 67% of the population works in the private sector, and more than 12% are self-employed. Education is similar to most other parts of Queens. In Jackson Heights, the largest number of residents, 35.62%, have a high school education, while 17% have a bachelor’s degree. This part of Queens will not win you over with its glamour, but you will have career opportunities. Another positive side of living in Jackson Heights is safety. With an average of 465 criminal acts per year, you will have a peaceful life here. So, if you are a fan of eastern motifs, diversity of cuisines, but also outdoor activities in the nearby parks, take a look at the real estate offers in this neighborhood. Residential movers Queens will handle your move as soon as you set a moving date.

A rural view from NYC which is a spot that many like and that makes the Queens borough profile richer
Entertainment is inevitable in this part of Queens. In addition to the beach, along the coast, you will have more than 5 km of walking paths as well as restaurants where you can spend wonderful evenings

Rockaway Beach as a part of Queens borough profile

This small community of 13,029 residents is a great neighborhood to live in. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay on the Rockaway peninsula, and that makes it more attractive. If this neighborhood wins your heart, reliable moving companies Jamaica NY offers will gladly support your move. Its inhabitants would certainly not change it for other parts of the city. With the best public beach in NYC, you can enjoy swimming, surfing, and music here. Nashville North is the nickname of this part of Queens, which it got because of the huge number of musicians of all genres. In the evening you will enjoy their music in the restaurants. This uncrowded neighborhood has been intensively developed in the last 15 years. Whether you’re strolling along the boardwalk or enjoying one of the restaurants at sunset, Rockaway Beach is sure to win your heart.

A very good neighborhood to live in

The largest number of residents of Rockaway Beach are born Americans, as many as 71%. Among the 5200 households, more than 31% are with children. The median household income of $52,946 and the average of $77,184 allows even 48% of the population to be homeowners. The area filled with condominiums, apartments, and bungalows is known for its hamburgers, Playland Grill, and Uma’s, which serves Uzbek dishes. A neighborhood that is extremely safe to live in will offer you its homes at a median house value of $330,600. However, prices range from just over $100K to over $1 million. All this is reason enough to schedule your appointment with one of our movers and agree on the terms of the move.

The top-ranked schools in Rockaway are Queens High School for Information Research and Technology, Frederick Douglass Academy Vi High School, and Wave Preparatory Elementary School. However, they have a bad rank of 1/10 considering that the average math and reading proficiency is below the national average. If you like all of the above about this urban but much quieter area than other NYC neighborhoods, local movers in Queens are the ones to take care of your move.

The biggest part of our Queens borough profile, Astoria

Astoria is a suburb close to Manhattan. In just 15 minutes you can go there either for work or shopping. This is a large neighborhood with more than 2 million and 200K residents. A great place to live with views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Columbia River. As many as 67% of families live in Astoria. Many are there for two or three generations. That’s what makes this place good for living. There are not many big businesses, but the neighborhood is dedicated to families.

bridge in NYC Astoria that makes the Queens borough profile shine even brighter
The wonderful view from Astoria Park will be a part of your everyday life if you find your home in this neighborhood

Astoria Park, as one of the symbols of the neighborhood, is located on the East River and has a beautiful view of Manhattan and the Queensboro and Hellgate bridges. Another symbol of Astoria is Greek food. In fact, Astoria is the Greek capital of NYC. Whether you’re looking for home-style or gourmet dining, Astoria will meet your expectations. The home of excellent film studios is also famous for its Museum of the Moving Image as well as a large beer garden where you can hang out with friends.

Let’s see what Astoria has to offer you

Astoria is truly special. Her energy that comes from gathering residents at events will quickly become your greatest need. This is a neighborhood where you can rent an apartment for a relatively decent price. Rent prices have exploded in most of NYC. Here you can still find an affordable apartment on a quiet street near a Greek restaurant. The median rent is $2,223, which is acceptable considering the median household income is $77,255. This diverse and vibrant neighborhood with over 700K households has 45% of homeowners. If you are interested in relocating to this part of New York, you should know that the median home value is almost $600K.

When it comes to education, Astoria schools are ranked in the top 30% of all schools in New York. Among the 23 public and 13 private schools, the best ranked are 30th Avenue School (G & T Citywide), Baccalaureate School for Global Education, and Energy Technical High School. In addition to being satisfied with the quality of education, you will also be pleased with the fact that Astoria is a safe neighborhood for your children. This mix of old and new cultures will bring a lot of benefits to raising children. In any case, it’s worth thinking about, given the magic the neighborhood possesses. Our Astoria NY movers will be at your service during the move.

The Queens borough profile will surely make your choice easier

That would be one in-depth review of the Queens borough profile. I’m sure you’ll find a corner that suits you best. These are the best neighborhoods in Queens, and you should give them a chance to win your heart. With plenty of fun and entertainment and unique parts of this neighborhood, Queens will easily become part of your reality.

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