Preparing for a move from South Side to Norwood

Moving in New York City can be a challenging feat, especially if you’re switching boroughs. From traffic congestion to crowded buildings, the hurdles are many. But don’t worry! Best Movers NYC is here to guide you through preparing for a move from South Side to Norwood, making your transition as simple as possible.

Finding a moving service provider with a solid NYC background

Deciding to leave South Side is only the first step in the long process of moving. The next step is finding an exemplary service provider. A 2019 survey by revealed that about 40% of moving complaints were about damaged or lost items. To reduce such risks, hiring a provider that knows the NYC ropes well is crucial. Ask questions like, “How do you handle Manhattan’s narrow streets?” or “What’s your experience with high-rise buildings?” This way, you’re not just getting any mover; you’re getting South Side movers experienced in navigating the Big Apple’s challenges.

Picture of the NYC skyline
The movers that you hire should be local professionals.

Picking the best dates for your move

Next up is choosing when to move. Believe it or not, timing can make or break your experience. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, weekends and the beginning of the month are the busiest times for moving companies. So, if possible, try to book your relocation for a weekday or mid-month to avoid the rush. And while you’re at it, talk to your building management to see if you can be the only one using the elevator or stairs for those crucial hours. It can save you a ton of stress!

Have all items packed before “the day”

Now, we need to touch on packing. A survey by Duck Brand found that an average American spends about six weeks packing for a move but often leaves most of the work for the last day or two. Procrastinating here isn’t an option. Prepare a packing schedule and stick to it. This will ensure that when a team of movers Norwood NY locals often book arrives, all you have to worry about is getting from point A to B, not wrapping up your dishes at the last minute.

Safeguarding your valuable and sentimental items

A 2021 report by Consumer Reports stated that electronics and jewelry are among the top items damaged or lost during moves. Hand-carrying these valuable and sentimental items can offer peace of mind while preparing for a move from South Side to Norwood. You don’t want to be part of the statistic of people who opened a box to find a shattered heirloom or damaged laptop.

Consider seasonal challenges

So, you’ve started preparing for a move from South Side to Norwood. Have you considered the weather? According to a 2018 U.S. Department of Transportation report, almost 22% of vehicle crashes each year are weather-related. New York City winters can be brutal, with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures adding to the challenges of moving. Most of the best movers in Bronx recommend avoiding a winter move when possible. The risk of delays or damage to your belongings can skyrocket during these icy months.

Picture of a bridge in Central Park during winter
Winter is notoriously challenging for moving.

Keeping an eye on traffic and parking

Speaking of risks, let’s talk about traffic and parking. As we all know, New York City’s traffic can be a nightmare. The New York Department of Transportation states that the city has about 2 million registered vehicles. This means that finding a parking spot for your moving truck can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So, plan ahead. Also, make sure one person stays with the vehicle at all times to avoid any unfortunate towing incidents.

Get to know Norwood before the big move

When it comes to neighborhoods, South Side and Norwood offer different experiences that cater to various lifestyles. South Side’s energetic vibe attracts a younger crowd, often filled with students and young professionals. On the other hand, Norwood offers a quieter, more residential feel that appeals to families and older adults.

Financially speaking, the two neighborhoods differ significantly. The median home price in South Side can be considerably higher, at $595,000, compared to Norwood’s pocket-friendly $333,505. This makes the latter an attractive option for those looking for affordability. Rent also varies between the two areas. South Side tends to have higher rent rates, with one-bedroom apartments often exceeding $2,000 per month. In contrast, Norwood offers more affordable options, with rents for similar units averaging around $1,500.

Income levels also show differences. The median household income in South Side tends to be higher, often reflecting the higher cost of living in the area. Norwood’s median income is usually lower, at $50,500, but is generally more aligned with the area’s cost of living, making it more manageable for families or individuals on a budget.

Lastly, the amenities each neighborhood offers can affect your settling-in process. Norwood provides essential spots like grocery stores, pharmacies, and decent public transportation options. The now-locals to the area, courtesy of the best moving companies Brooklyn provides, often suggest taking a day to do a test run from South Side to Norwood to familiarize yourself with the commuting routes and scope out these essential locations in your soon-to-be new neighborhood. This can help make your move smoother and allow you to adjust quickly to your new environment.

Maintain organization for easier unpacking

A 2020 survey by revealed that 61% of people found unpacking the most stressful part of relocating. To make your life easier, label all your boxes by room or category, and always stay organized no matter how complicated the entire process gets. We also recommend you prepare a so-called essential moving kit. Some of the crucial items to include within it are:

  • Important documents like I.D. and lease agreements
  • Snacks and bottled water
  • Basic toiletries like toothbrushes and soap
  • Spare clothes
  • Basic first-aid supplies

This essential moving kit will help you survive the first night without rummaging through boxes for necessities.

Picture of cardboard boxes
Preparing for a move from South Side to Norwood requires proper organization.

Prepare to make Norwood your home on time!

There you have it! From dodging winter woes to beating the NYC traffic and settling in Norwood, these tips should give you a head start in making your move as smooth as possible. Don’t forget; preparing for a move from South Side to Norwood takes time and effort, so start the preparations on time.



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