Popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn

Living in a Big Apple is always such a thrilling experience. Even the residents of New York tend to change their addresses. So if you decided to move to Brooklyn, we are here to help you find out what are some popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn. The first piece of advice we can give you is to find one of the best movers Brooklyn has to offer. You want to have a reliable company by your side.

We made a list of popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn

Relocation is always a tricky thing to do, but when you are planning it with your family, things tend to get even more complicated. The first one is to choose which among popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn is the right for you and your little ones. So let’s start naming some of them. Brooklyn Heights is one of the most popular ones when it comes to raising your family. Everything quintessentially loved about Brooklyn you can find there. Brooklyn Bridge Park has located here as well as some historical buildings. But what is the most attractive is the real neighborhood feel. So wait no more, find the best Brooklyn Heights moving company and start packing. In this neighborhood, you will be also able to find elite private schools, but also have in mind that public schools are in-demand. The median home value in this area is around $1 million.

We made a list of popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn
We made a list of popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn to help you find the best for you.

Let’s see what Flatbush has to offer

In this neighborhood, you even won’t believe that you are in Brooklyn. Victorian-era houses and streets framed with gorgeous wild tree lines make such a unique experience. If you are among those New Yorkers who wish to enjoy all the richness of the city combined with the sweetness of playing with their children in the back yard. This is the place to live! If you find yourself in previous words, don’t hesitate to call top Flatbush movers to help you with your relocation. Over the last years, this area has been developing very quickly after a year that it slept unnoticed. You will be able to find some nice restaurants and shops on Cortelyou Road. Farmer’s market is getting bigger and you will find many places to enjoy yourself with kids.


Even though people who love to part enjoy Williamsburg, this is also a family-friendly neighborhood.McCarren Park and also some high-ranking schools made this area very popular among the kids. This is a great location for people who have to commute. Its partying likelihood is something that their residents will enjoy in the long run. And even despite all hustle and bustle, this area is very calming. Since it is very hip, it attracts many upscale and fashionable boutiques, trendy cafeterias, and buzzy eating outlets. Aks the best movers Williamsburg has to offer to help you get there, and you will enjoy some pretty spectacular Manhattan views and some seasonal venues, concerts, and food markets.

One of the popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn is Clinton Hill

Fort Green and Clinton Hill are neighborhoods that share a border and are kind of similar. If you want a real family feeling, especially over holidays, you will find it in Clinton Hill. You will easily get into the Halloween mood, with a yearly community “Thriller” dance, accompanied by some Halloween walks and shows at neighborhood homes and also at the Pratt Institute located there. This is going strong for more than two decades, so if you want some family memories that your kids will always remember, Clinton Hill movers will help you relocate to your new home and start making some of them.

You will have many family events to enjoy in Carlton Hill for Halloween.

Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens has a little bit expansive feeling to it, known for its wider streets and very deep lots that are the reason for its nature-inspired name. Many family gatherings take place in Carroll Park. You will be able to take kids to modern St. Mary’s Playground, which is under the elevated F and G train tracks, that from recently offers a sheltered spot to play. Many businesses catering to young families are opened in this area. There are dance studios, New York Kids Club, Kidville, The Brooklyn Strategist, some great boutiques, and more. Start your search for some of the greatest Carroll Gardens movers if all that you’ve read seems like a place for you and your family.

Central Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights

Crown Heights is located in the center of Brooklyn and it truly is a borough’s cultural gem. It is filled with so many amazing resources for families. Some of them are Botanic Garden, as well as the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn library. Crown Heights movers will get you there with ease and experience and your family will be happy to start your new life there. Not far from your new home you will find Barclays Center and the retail hub of Atlantic Center.


In a very good location in the South Centra Brooklyn, you will find the area that carries just the name that gives its description – Midwood. This neighborhood is well known for its diversity in housing inventory as well as its population. The dominant spots are Kings Highway, Nostrand Avenue, and Flatbush Avenue. You will easily find good food, train, and bus lines. Since you are about to move with your family, you have to think about safety. And this part of Brooklyn has a really good safety rating. Find the best movers Midwood as soon as possible, because the prices are rising in this neighborhood.


Among all the top-rated neighborhoods that are on the top of the list among central or southern Brooklyn the one that states out is the narrow rectangle of Kensington. Ocean Parkway runs down its heart and edges it. The majority are residential neighborhoods with picturesque brick row houses and also large apartment complexes.

You will find beautiful brick row houses in Kensington.

This neighborhood is different from the others around Prospect Park and truly one of the melting pots of New York. It has very unique diversity and gets the charm of Eastern Europe, Caribbeans, South Asia, China, Jewish, and Latino communities. So if these are some components that will make your life better and more colorful, start thinking of placing your new home there.


Very unique, hipster enclave of Brooklyn is located in Bushwick. Trends that are started here, continue their life, shake and shape the world and easily get popular on Instagram profiles around the world. You will be very pleased to know the two factors that add to affordable-ish housing profiles. These are the density developed around residential streets (located mostly in the southern half of the neighborhood) and also some converted industrial spaces.

In Bushwick, you will find many hip places and cafeterias to enjoy.

If your idea on get to Brooklyn because you love the popularized idea of Brooklyn, this is just the neighborhood you can have in mind. You will easily find galleries and boutiques. Hip places, like awesome coffee shops and food places, are top-notch. Mexican spots are very famous here, because of the Hispanic community that lives here. Graffiti and some industrial aesthetics color the atmosphere of this area. Transportation is also pretty decent with trains and crosstown buses prepared for the crowd that needs transportation. We have to be honest and tell you that Bushwick isn’t cheap, but it is totally worth it if this is the vibe you want in your neighborhood.

Park Slope is among popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn

Park Slope is among the most popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn with a long list of popular destinations that families will enjoy. You will witness many families on the sidewalks that are taking advantage of myriad family-friendly businesses and cultures that respect children and their needs. Some fantastic playgrounds are in the area. One other thing that this neighborhood is well known for is its family-friendly block parties. It is well-known fact that Halloween and St. Patric’s Day parades are among the best in the city.

What about Windsor Terrace

On the other part of Prospect Park, you will find Windsor Terrace. This area is more residential, some people will even call it a little bit sleepy. However, families with babies will know how to appreciate this quieter part of Brooklyn, that is placed just in the middle. You will always have something to do with your children. Kings Bay Y, Vanderbilt, and Greenwood playgrounds will be so close to you. In Windsor Terrace, the majority of the houses are single and multi-family houses, much more than apartment buildings. So if you are looking for a rental, you will maybe have to look a bit longer.

children - popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn
You will always have something to do with your kids in Windsor Terrace. That is why this is among popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn.


If you are looking for affordability as well as for an elegant brownstone lining in a calm, leafy street – then Bed-Stu is the place for you. This area experienced gentrification, but it hasn’t ruined its indomitable spirit. In the earlier times, this was a major cultural hub for an African American population in New York. Still, you will be able to witness some community spirit inactive block associations, many churches, and community centers. There is also a robust stoop culture, as well as plenty of restaurants and shops. You have to know that transportation is somehow limited, but there is some good bus access. This area is not really among the greener ones. But if you count it all, Bedford-Stuyvesant is a good area to consider placing your home.

In Sheepshead Bay you will find affordable homes

Located in the South and as far as you can get in Brooklyn from Manhattan, you will find the neighborhood called Sheepshead Bay. If you have a need to commute, this area is maybe not the best choice for you. And that is true even though you have some express train stop near. Other than that, this is a safe, quiet, and waterfront neighborhood that is really a nice place to buy in, if you are looking for a home for your family. You will be able to find spacious yet affordable spaces there. Condo stock is rising here alongside the row houses since the recent development boom. So whether you are renting or buying a new home for your family, you will be able to find the perfect match.

Why are people moving to Brooklyn?

After you’ve read this huge list of popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn, you may wonder what is so special about Brooklyn that so many people want to relocate there. Brooklyn is filled with many landmarks as well as great outdoor spaces. And this is something that people with children know to appreciate. You can add to that list some amazing schools, both public and private. People who love green areas will not have the problem to find one in Brooklyn, but choosing one that likes them the best. You will be able to find a calm neighborhood with wonderful family houses, but also apartments if that suits you better.

When you add to that that you can be in Manhattan in 40 minutes with a subway ride, it is no wonder that so many people choose Brooklyn for their base. The estimated population of Brooklyn is 2.6 million people, and this number clearly speaks of its popularity. This neighborhood has a very high population density with 36,732 people per square mile. It doesn’t happen often that people complain of the feeling of crowded over there.

There are so many popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn

We hope that by now you realized that there are so many popular neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn and you understand all the reasons why people are moving there. So it won’t be tough to decide to live in Brooklyn. The real challenge is to find the neighborhood that suits you and your family’s needs the most. Write down your list of priorities and take some time to make a search. We are sure you will find just the perfect match and that you won’t regret your decision to relocate to Brooklyn.


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