Plan your move to the Bronx: Packing and moving checklist

Congratulations on this big move! Moving to the Bronx is quite a step, no matter if you already live in the city or the state of NY. This is a very specific place, and we’ll talk more about it. As for every move, you will need to prepare and create a packing and moving checklist. Best Movers NYC are here to help you plan your move to the Bronx and make it as easy as possible.

The Bronx

This place is full of NYC culture and history. One cannot mention NYC without mentioning the Bronx. This is a very exciting part of NYC for many reasons. The Bronx is where many styles of hip-hop music were born. It’s where you can find some of the best pizzas in the city by visiting Little Italy. It’s also home to Babe Ruth, the baseball legend.

The Bronx was founded in 1914, and as of the 2018 census, there are 1,432,132 people residing there. This borough is the 3rd most densely populated in the county. However, a big part of The Bronx is an open area, about one quarter. The Bronx also includes a few small islands in the Long Island Sound and East River. Some of those islands are Hart Island and City Island as well as Rikers Island.

When it comes to culture, as we’ve already mentioned, The Bronx is like a museum. This place is home to Poe Cottage where the famous author Edgar Allan Poe lived and spent his last days. The Bronx is also home to the New York Yankees, so you can imagine the sporting spirit in this place!

The Yankee Stadium
Sports are embedded all over the Bronx, so you better be a Yankee fan before you plan your move to the Bronx!

How to plan your move to the Bronx

There are some basic things that you need to know before moving anywhere. However, you should know a few specific things before moving to the Bronx. Local movers Bronx will help you go through the packing and moving checklist. Let’s go through some important moving steps that help with any move.

  1. Start preparing on time. This means you should prepare your packing and moving checklist and start some 3-4 weeks before your moving date. If you like to plan the smallest details, you can take even more time. Some people like to start even 8 weeks before the move, which is not bad but it’s not necessary.
  2. Remove excess items. In this initial planning phase, you can do some things that will make packing and moving easier. Some of those things are getting rid of all the furniture or clothes that you don’t need. You can donate, sell or throw away anything you don’t find necessary anymore.
  3. Collect your moving supplies and hire movers. In this phase, you can get all the wrapping paper and boxes needed for your move and hire the best movers. Long distance movers Bronx can offer you a quote and help you plan your move to the Bronx.

    Make a checklist and plan your move to the Bronx on time
    You should reserve enough time to plan your move to the Bronx and prepare a packing and moving checklist.

What’s next on the packing and moving checklist?

Once you have planned and organized those basic pre-move things, there is more to do. Don’t underestimate the power of small items. Things such as markers, tape, bubble wrap, and plastic bags can save you a lot of stress and time. Here is what you should do in this next phase while you plan your move to the Bronx.

  • Get similar items together. Yes, it’s easy just to open a box or a bag and throw whatever comes to your hand first in it. However, once you’re in your home in the Bronx, you will be lost. This is why you should keep similar items together. 
  • Large items go first. Don’t keep the “worst” for last. Send your appliances and furniture out first. This way, you will be left with smaller items and boxes at the end of your move, and it will be less complicated. It’s all about being efficient. 
  • Color code or mark by room. Mark your boxes in a way that will help you know which one goes where. Many people like to color code, but if you have a better strategy, go for that. This way, you will save yourself time when arranging boxes and items. Other than color coding or marking your way, you can simply just label the box by content and/or room. It’s all up to you. But define one way to do it.
  • Get ready for when the movers come. Once you’ve packed and marked everything, it’s mover’s time. If you’ve hired the best movers in the Bronx, then you don’t have to worry about them being late. They will show up right on time, so make sure everything is ready by then. If you want to make their job easier and move quicker at the same time, you could use this tip. Clear out the way where they will be passing and keep the light boxes that you can move by yourself in one area. This way, everything will move faster.
Woman with moving boxes
Make sure you pack similar items together and clear our the way for your movers.

Don’t forget about the technicalities while you plan your move to the Bronx

An important thing that many people forget to do is the “technical part.” This basically means changing your address, canceling any unnecessary or inconvenient subscriptions you might have, and updating your documents. Most of this can be done online so try to do it before your move is finalized. Maybe when you want to sit down and take a break.

You will have movers to help you with the “hard part” but you should get as many family members or friends as possible to help you pack and sort things out. Every extra hand is worth a lot in the process of moving. If you need to update your documents and have to visit a local office, someone could be marking your boxes at home. Make sure it’s someone who knows you well, though. You don’t want them to create more confusion for you. Other than that, you are now all set. Good luck, and enjoy your new home in the amazing Bronx.

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