New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023

Change, they say, is the only constant. For a multitude of reasons, many New Yorkers are embracing this adage, seeking fresh beginnings beyond the city’s iconic skyline. From a longing for affordability to better job opportunities, there’s an evident itch to explore new horizons. At Best Movers NYC, we’ve been helping many make these leaps, and the trends are fascinating. That said, let’s dive into some of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023.

The Windy City

The allure of moving from NYC to Chicago has surged notably. With a skyline comparable to New York’s, Chicago perfectly marries urban sophistication with genuine midwestern charm. According to the Urban Institute’s 2023 study, the cost of living in Chicago is about 30% less than in NYC. The statistics highlight a stark difference: Chicago’s median home price is $291,000, while NYC towers at $716,000. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago is a moderate $1,875, unlike NYC’s hefty $3,700. Utilities? Chicagoans enjoy a saving of approximately 15% on their bills.

Such affordability opens up lifestyle opportunities. Imagine allocating your budget to a spacious Lake Michigan-view apartment rather than a confined NYC space. Beyond the cost benefits, the Windy City shines economically, especially in the tech and finance sectors. The employment opportunities are numerous, what with corporate giants like Motorola and Boeing headquartered here.

Chicago isn’t just business, however. It’s a cultural buffet. The jazz festivals echo the city’s rich musical history, while its deep-dish pizza is a culinary emblem. The local art scene is influential as well, with installations that spark intrigue and conversations. Transitioning New Yorkers might feel the pace change, but there’s beauty in this shift. Dive into the city’s various neighborhoods; each tells a different story. For instance, Wicker Park offers bohemian vibes, while Hyde Park speaks of history and academia. As a tip for new residents: embrace the city’s lakeside. It’s not the Atlantic, but Lake Michigan’s serene beaches provide an unmatched escape. Green spaces like Millennium Park offer urbanites the tranquility they often seek. And for those fretting over transportation? Chicago’s extensive “L” train system ensures that getting around is as efficient as New York’s MTA.

Picture of Chicago at night
The lifestyle in Chicago is similar to the one in NYC.

The Mile High City

Recently, a noticeable uptick has been observed in the number of people moving from NYC to Denver. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Denver’s population swelled by 2.3% in 2022, a significant portion of which hailed from the East Coast. Why this shift? One reason stands out: nature. Located near the Rocky Mountains, Denver is a haven for those with an affinity for the great outdoors. Whether your interest lies in hiking, skiing, or merely soaking in the vistas, the city doesn’t disappoint.

Beyond its natural allure, Denver’s urban growth is noteworthy. The city boasts campuses of tech giants like Google and Apple. This positions it favorably for professionals searching for lucrative roles in this sector. On the financial side, Denver, akin to Chicago, promises value. According to local real estate data, the median home price here hovers around $563,000, whereas the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $2.200. Even with these prices, utilities average about 10% less than in NYC. The local housing market is competitive. However, despite this, Denver still remains a more budget-friendly option than NYC. Further sweetening the deal is the city’s culture. With events ranging from renowned beer festivals to lively art museums, the shift from NYC’s skyscrapers to the scenic Rockies emerges as a compelling thought.

The Big Peach

Moving southward, Atlanta is quickly establishing itself as one of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023. If you plan on moving from NYC to Atlanta, you are in for a treat. Often referred to as the “Hollywood of the South,” this city offers a blend of contemporary vibes and enduring traditions. The Georgia Department of Economic Development highlighted the film industry’s role, noting a $9.5 billion contribution to the state’s economy in 2022, with Atlanta at its heart. This cinematic boom attracts not just filmmakers but professionals across various domains.

But Atlanta’s appeal doesn’t end with movie sets. Dive deeper into the city, and its landscape offers contrasts: historic neighborhoods like Sweet Auburn echo the past, while lively areas like Buckhead speak modern-day luxury. The financial aspect of living here cannot be overlooked either. The median home price in Atlanta is a comfortable $376,000, with the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment pegged at $2.200. Utilities? Residents spend about 20% less than their NYC counterparts. Considering these figures and the cost of living almost 40% less than NYC’s, as indicated by Numbeo, it’s clear why the city appeals to New Yorkers.

Picture of the Atlanta skyline
The population of this city has been growing thanks to the many New Yorkers relocating there.

The Aloha State

Hawaii emerges as more than a vacation spot for those seeking a real transformation in their surroundings. While initially it might be an unconventional choice, recent trends suggest that moving from NYC to Hawaii is very popular. A growing number of New Yorkers are choosing the rhythmic waves over the constant buzz of the city. Backing this, Hawaii’s Tourism Authority reported that in 2022, the state saw a remarkable 15% increase in residents hailing from the East Coast, notably New York.

Digging into the numbers, the appeal becomes clearer yet also highlights some challenges. The median home price in Hawaii hovers around $836,000, and renting a one-bedroom apartment can set one back by an average of $3,000 per month. As for utilities, island living comes with its premium; expect to pay approximately 20% more than the mainland average.

On the flip side, Hawaii promises robust career opportunities in the booming tourism sector and agriculture, tapping into the islands’ fertile lands and diverse ecosystems. The emerging technology sector, focusing on clean energy and sustainable solutions, also offers innovative minds an exciting playground.

However, the true essence of Hawaii lies in its lifestyle. Beyond the promise of surfing on untouched beaches, it’s the culture and the Aloha spirit that captivates many. Celebrations like the Merrie Monarch Festival emphasize the island’s emphasis on ‘ohana’ or family. While the cost of living might tip the higher side, most newcomers agree that Hawaii’s unparalleled experiences and holistic quality of life make every penny spent a worthy investment.

Picture of a beach in one of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023
Hawaii is more than a vacation spot.

The Magic City is another one of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023

Famous for its golden sandy beaches, Art Deco architecture, and electrifying nightlife, Miami isn’t just a tourist’s paradise. It’s increasingly emerging as a top destination for young professionals and expanding families. The Miami Herald reported that in 2022, the city experienced a notable growth rate of 1.7%. Much of this surge can be attributed to East Coast migrants, mainly from areas like NYC.

A significant draw for many is Miami’s booming tech industry, dubbed “Silicon Beach,” which has attracted substantial investments and budding startups. In terms of housing, the median home price in Miami is around $459,000, with monthly rents for a one-bedroom apartment averaging about $3,400. Utilities come in around 10% cheaper than in New York City.

In addition, Miami is a cultural hotspot, seamlessly blending Latin American and Caribbean influences. This rich diversity is palpable in everything from its delectable cuisine to rhythmic music and colorful festivals. Admittedly, while the cost of living in Miami might be higher than some other cities on our list, it’s considerably competitive compared to NYC. This becomes particularly enticing when factoring in the irresistible combination of an all-year warm climate and the promise of oceanfront living.

The Garden State

For those not keen on straying too far, New Jersey presents itself as one of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023. The surge in business reported by many movers NYC to NJ further supports the fact that an increasing number of New Yorkers are making the short yet transformative jump across the Hudson. And it’s no wonder! The Garden State, being just a short distance away from NY, makes it possible to enjoy a calmer life without being removed from all the happenings.

Recently, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development highlighted job growth in sectors like healthcare, technology, and finance, positioning this state as a go-to for many professionals. Lifestyle offerings complement these economic upticks; with stretches of iconic beaches, verdant parks, and culturally rich town centers, New Jersey promises both leisure and opportunity.

Diving into the housing metrics paints a clearer picture of NJ’s appeal:

  • Median home price: In New Jersey, it’s $487,000, as per Zillow’s findings.
  • Monthly rents: A one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey averages at $2,500, offering relief from the exorbitant NYC prices.
  • Utilities: New Jersey residents typically see about a 10% savings in utility bills compared to New Yorkers.

Factoring in these cost benefits, it becomes evident that New Jersey provides a financially sensible alternative to the hustle and expenses of NYC.

Picture of the landscape of one of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023
New Jersey is close to NYC but is a lot of different.

The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is another destination New Yorkers have been flocking to, accompanied by the interstate moving companies in New York City. According to a study, this city has witnessed a net migration gain of 15,000 residents in 2022, with a sizeable chunk being former New York City dwellers.

Diving into the numbers, Philadelphia’s median home price is a comfortable $221,000. The city offers relief for renters with an average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment at around $1,600, substantially lower than NYC. When it comes to utilities, expect to save around 20% on monthly bills, as that’s how cheaper they are here compared to the Big Apple. Additionally, Philadelphia’s job market, especially in sectors like healthcare, tech, and finance, has shown encouraging growth. For instance, besides its academic prestige, the University of Pennsylvania is also one of the city’s top employers.

But what truly sets Philly apart is its cuisine and its art. The iconic Philly cheesesteak is just a tasty starting point; the city boasts renowned murals, music festivals, and more. As a financial icing on the cake, the cost of living here is roughly 40% lower than in NYC, as highlighted by the Council for Community and Economic Research.

The Big Guava

Florida, as a whole, with its promise of sun-kissed beaches, has long been a favorite for those eager to bask in warmer climes. However, Tampa’s rise to prominence has been particularly pronounced. In 2022, the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council showcased a population growth of 2%, with a significant chunk coming in from the north. The magnetic pull of Tampa isn’t merely population-based. The city is experiencing an economic upswing, especially healthcare-wise. BayCare Health System and WellCare, two dominant players in the region, have introduced over 4,000 jobs in the past year alone, solidifying the city’s standing in the healthcare domain.

Financially speaking, the median home price is a reasonable $390,000, while average rents for a one-bedroom apartment hover around $2,300 monthly. As for utilities, residents typically pay about 10% less than the national average, making everyday living affordable.

The city is drenched in sunshine, boasting an average of 248 sunny days annually, making it a haven for those chasing the sun. Culturally, it’s everything you would expect from a city in Florida. Events like the Gasparilla Pirate Festival paint a picture of the city’s traditions, while its food festivals allow residents and visitors alike to go on delightful culinary adventures.

Picture of a street in Tampa
Some of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023 are in Florida

Which one of the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023 will be your new home?

As you can see, New Yorkers are scattered all across the states, looking for a better quality of life. Now you know what the New Yorkers’ top moving destinations in 2023 are, but the question is, do they align with your wishes and needs? What you want as an unique person is important. Your ideal destination might be a city outside this list or the States altogether. The important thing is that you enjoy your life there, so go ahead chasing your dreams!

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