Moving to Chelsea guide

If you are planning to move to Chelsea, there are a few steps to take and a few things you should know. Luckily for you, a lot of these steps can be taken by the best movers in Chelsea. That’s right, the first advice of this moving to Chelsea guide is to find professional help, and the others are written down below. So, let us see which is the tried and tested best method to move to Chelsea.

Set your moving budget

The first thing you need to do when it comes to moving is to set a budget. This is important because moving is not cheap, but you need to keep a close tab on everything spent so it does not become crazy expensive either. You will want to get a free moving quote from a few moving companies and then compare and see which company suits you best. Don’t fret, there are a lot of cheap and reliable movers to help you with your moving to Chelsea.

Find a suitable moving company

This looks like a big task in the moving to Chelsea guide. However, it does have to be difficult if you take enough time and compare which local movers Manhattan cover your needs the best. Every move is different so it is important to get your information on time so you can make an educated guess.

Moving to Chelsea guide streets
For making the most out of your move it is really important to find a moving company that suits all of your needs.

Try moving in the offseason

When deciding when to move, it is best to move in the offseason. The reason for this decision is that the rents are lower. Another great part of moving in the offseason is that you will have more liberty in deciding on a move date as moving companies usually have less work in the winter months of the year.

Why move to Chelsea?

Chelsea was rated as the 3rd best neighborhood to live in New York City and got an average grade of A plus for the quality of life. This neighborhood borders Hell’s Kitchen, the West Village, Meatpacking, and Flatiron Districts and is considered to be on the verge of being Midtown Manhattan. Now that we have defined the borders of the neighborhood, it is time to list all of the characteristics that make Chelsea an optimal and unique neighbourhood to live in. From the housing situation to restaurants, bars, and lounges, all of the joys of this neighborhood will be describes in the passages below.

Architecture and housing

When looking at neighborhoods to move to, housing is one of the biggest issues or aspects that people take into account.  Chelsea has amazing architecture and housing solutions, ranging from brownstones to modern high-rises. The homes in this neighborhood will surely fulfill every wish related to style and price range. Regarding the surrounding architecture, it is certainly not lackluster. The neighborhood is filled with Art Deco apartment complexes and traditional townhouses that only add to its picturesque look.

Green surroundings as an important part of moving to Chelsea guide

Finding greenery is a task in New York, and often you need to get away in nature but are denied because of the urban jungle. Chelsea, on the other hand, has access to one of the city’s most beautiful parks, The High Line. The park is also optimal for people who commute by foot, as it connects uptown and downtown.

Green park
Chelsea has access to a beautiful park which is rare in NYC.

Museums and galleries

West Chelsea is one of the most famous gallery districts in the world. Additionally, Thursday is art night at Chelsea and the galleries are free to the public. Some of the galleries you need to visit are definitely David Zwirner Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, Luhring Augustine Gallery, and 303 Gallery. Another important part of culture are museums, and you will not be disappointed with all the different ethnicity showcased in museums in Chelsea. Take for instance The Rubin Museum which focuses on Tibetan, Himalayan, and Indian Art.


Education goes hand in hand with culture, and the neighborhood is not lacking in great schools to raise and educate your child. There are schools that support every budget, great public, private and parochial schools. Some examples are Guardian Angel School, William T Harris School, and The NYC Lab School.


A variety of cuisines is present in this neighborhood and you will never run out of unique and fun options for dinner. Some of the local favorites are Del Posto, Cookshop, and Le Singe.  If you want Indian food with plenty of vegetarian options don’t forget to visit Swagat.  If you are craving Mexican food, Fonda is a great place to go. The options are endless, and everybody will find something for every taste here.

Bars and nightlife

After a great dinner, the other destination is a bar or a lounge for some drinks. Maybe you want to make this night even further and go out dancing. Luckily for you, Chelsea has great options for everything. If you want traditional or unique cocktails done right visit The 18th Room or The Tipples which embodies the energy of a speakeasy. For a bit of dancing, check out Taras and The Boogie Room as they will not disappoint.

There is a lot of fun bars and restaurants in the neighborhood.

The unique community is a big incentive for moving to Chelsea

One of the most important factors of a neighborhood is surely the people that make it or the local community. The people in Chelsea really do set it apart from other places in NYC. It has a great range of all ages and cultures, and it is known for its extremely positive stance towards the LGBTQ+ community. It is known that Chelsea really does take on a neighborly feel, and it is likely that you will know your neighbors, be it floor, building, or block.

Moving to Chelsea guide ends here

This is all that you need to know about this beautiful neighborhood. Go out there, make an educated decision, and decide to move here. But if you need to know more, there is always more fun information about living in NYC. It is up to you to make that jump and start this journey.


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