Moving From Los Angeles To NYC

Moving from the West to the East Coast can be quite a move. You should plan this well and make sure you hire reliable movers for this long distance move. Best Movers NYC will provide you with some tips on moving from Los Angeles to NYC and what to look for and expect. So let’s dive in and discover what you’ll have to go through.

NYC vs Los Angeles

Huge numbers of people are moving to NYC. Some are moving because of work and some because they simply wanna be a citizen of the Big Apple. When moving from Los Angeles to NYC, you will face quite a few differences. Let’s see what the major differences are so you can lightly prepare yourself for this transition. Based on blogs written by people comparing these two cities, it seems like NYC is winning. This is what NYC offers:

  • Lower unemployment rate (4.3% vs 8.7%)
  • Public health care
  • More inhabitants (about 4.4m more, this can be a pro and a con, depending on the individual)
  • An average minimum temperature that’s about 4.1°C lower than LA’s
  • Bike sharing system
  • Higher population growth rate
  • Ahead of LA in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey
Empire State between other buildings
Even though both have their qualities, a lot of people prefer NYC over LA.

There are also reasons why some people prefer LA and those are:

  • Higher average maximum temperature (6.8°C higher)
  • Higher average temperature (5.5°C higher)
  • Lower population density
  • More museums and lakes

Why are people moving from Los Angeles to NYC?

A lot of people who are moving from Los Angeles to NYC have stated that NYC might be more convenient for day to day life. Many services are available at all times and are done timely and professionally. We’re talking laundry washing, car repair, wall painting, anything you can think of! This is one of most common reasons to choose NYC.

A reason within reason is the diversity of NYC. The Big Apple’s diversity comes from all the people moving from overseas and those within the US making their move to NYC. Since LA is a bit far for those moving from the other continent, a lot of people find their home in New York City. This diversity means that people from every nation with all different skills and qualities live and work in NYC. This provides the city with variety and convenience in services it offers.

A diverse group of women after moving from Los Angeles to NYC
All races and nationalities are moving from Los Angeles to NYC which makes the diversity of this city richer.

Space and people

With so many people moving to NYC, the crowds are to be expected. When we’re comparing the two cities based on population, there is quite a different. As of this year, Los Angeles has 3.9 million inhabitants while NYC is home to 8.4 million people. Quite a number! With twice as many people, of course you will hit a few more shoulders in NYC. But as much as this is an inconvenience for some, it has it’s qualities. Everything is “tied together” in NYC. People and places. This means that you might not have to travel long to get to where you’re going or to buy what you’re looking for. Everything that you need is probably all on one block or close by.

Even if you have to travel, NYC has a very good subway system and you can get anywhere fairly fast and for an affordable price. If you’re a driver, expect more cars on the road than in LA. But if you don’t like traffic and you don’t mind public transportation, there is no need for you to drive. Leave your car at home and take the train.

Will you spend more after moving from Los Angeles to NYC?

Both LA and NYC are expensive. You should not be surprised about this. However, if you are making enough money, you will most likely find NYC more convenient than LA. This goes back to what we said before. All kinds of services are available in New York City and they are at the tip of your finger.

One thing that is also important to mention is that you will most likely pay higher rent for a one bedroom apartment in NYC. You might have to prepare somewhere around $1.000 more to pay your rent in New York City. Even though you will be paying more, you will most likely be making more as well. Average salary in NYC is about $2.000 higher than LA’s average. If you are a single person moving from Los Angeles to NYC, you can check what your expenses would be and how you can organize your budget, as well as your interstate movers NYC.

Woman having coffee on her window
When moving from Los Angeles to NYC, you should be prepared to pay more for rent.

Good news is that NYC has a lower fuel price and higher median household income. This might be especially important for some, Big Macs are cheaper in NYC, based on the Big Mac index. This might be the reason why people in LA are living healthier lifestyles than Newyorkers. You can’t blame them though, New York has some amazing food from all corners of the world and it’s usually made by the nationals.

Some other factors worth mentioning

Many people are moving from Los Angeles to NYC due to wildfires that are more and more present in LA. Each year the number of wildfires happening in LA increases. And while NYC is not “natural disaster free”, the only threat to the city are hurricanes that in most cases don’t even reach the city.

When it comes to comparing the “beauty” of these two cities, many have said that NYC is more aesthetical. Even though LA is probably a bit cleaner, huge buildings and skyline of NYC make it look like no other.

Now you know a bit more about the differences between LA and NYC. You can see why some people are moving from Los Angeles to NYC. If you’ve decided to make the same move, we wish you best of luck! 

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