Most affordable Staten Island neighborhoods to settle in

Although Staten Island is the least densely populated NYC borough, its residents enjoy many advantages that this area has to offer. As a matter of fact, many people claim that it is one of the most livable boroughs in New York. It is a short ferry ride from New Jersey, so it combines life in quiet suburbia with the hustle and bustle of the city. Read on and find out what are some of the most affordable Staten Island neighborhoods, how to plan your relocation, and find the best local movers in Staten Island.

Staten Island – general information

Staten Island is quite unique among NY boroughs. This is a gem that nearly 500,000 people call home. Staten Island is cheaper than some other boroughs, and the quality of life is much better. It is a great place for families since it is statistically the safest borough. There are plenty of great schools and universities. In addition, it is called the Borough of Parks. Clove Lakes, High Rock, and Greenbelt are just some of the many green spaces that outdoor lovers will enjoy. Some of the attractions this borough has to offer are Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden, Chinese Scholar’s Garden, the Staten Island Museum, the National Lighthouse Museum, the zoo, etc. Although it can’t brag with vibrant nightlife, Staten Island is just a short ferry ride from Manhattan, thus offering the best of both worlds.

Downtown buildings
Explore Staten Island and find the neighborhood that will be your perfect home

There are many beautiful and affordable Staten Island neighborhoods

Although New York is notorious for its high housing prices, if you look carefully, you can find some lower-cost apartments. Here are some of the most affordable Staten Island neighborhoods that might be a great option for you.

Heartland Village is located in the “heart” of Staten Island, within the New Springville neighborhood. It features many housing options, and the median sales price is $356,000. Some of the advantages of living in this neighborhood are its closeness to the Staten Island Mall, Richmond Avenue, and Heartland Village Plaza. It is surrounded by parks – the new Fresh Kills park to the west and south, the Greenbelt to the east, and Willowbrook Park to the north. Heartland Village is a safe neighborhood with good schools.

Stapleton is one of the older waterfront communities in Staten Island. It is located in the northeastern part of the island and it has a population of around 16,000. As for the housing options, it offers old, Victorian homes and public housing projects. The median sales price is $380,000. The neighborhood’s biggest green space is Tappen Pak. It has great restaurants, a lot of small businesses, the city’s largest indoor skate park, etc.

Park Hill is home both to large, historic houses and Park Hill Apartments, a housing project for people with lower income. The median sales price is $390,000. This neighborhood has a total population of about 30,000. Park Hill is one of Staten Island’s most culturally rich neighborhoods, with thriving art and music scene. Eibs Pond Perk is located in the center of the neighborhood, a wetland nature reserve that is home to over 80 bird species.

Plan your relocation carefully

Once you choose one of the most affordable Staten Island neighborhoods to settle in, it is time to start organizing your relocation. Plan all your moving activities. Create a moving checklist and set a timetable for all moving tasks. Organize every part of your move, from researching the best movers in Staten Island to gathering packing materials.

A moving professional
Hire well-trained movers that will ensure a stress-free move

Find reliable Staten Island movers

Hiring experienced and reliable movers that will ensure successful relocation is the most important part of the moving process. If you want to find the best residential movers in Staten Island you need to do your homework. Visit specialized moving websites and research different moving companies. Check their ratings and reviews, read previously submitted comments and complaints. Check whether they can meet all your needs and fit your budget. Your movers should be licensed and offer moving insurance.

Start packing in time

Once you find a reliable moving company, such as Best Movers NYC, you can start the packing process. Bear in mind that this is the most time-consuming part of the relocation. It can take days, even weeks, so start well in time. First, you will need to organize all your belongings. Divide your things into several piles – keep, toss, sell, donate. Think carefully about which things you want to take with you. Get rid of the things you won’t need such as pieces of furniture that won’t fit into your new Staten Island home. Also, sell or donate clothes you no longer wear, old gadgets, books, magazines, etc.

A couple packing possessions
Protect your belongings carefully with quality packing materials

Once you decide which items you want to transport into your new home, gather packing materials. You will need cardboard boxes or plastic containers, bubble wrap, packing materials, furniture blankets, tape, markers, scissors. Learn packing techniques and protect each item with bubble wrap before you place it in a box. Once you tape the boxes, label them. Write essential information such as content, destination room, handling instructions on each box. This will greatly facilitate and accelerate the unpacking process. If you are an inexperienced mover, it might be best to hire packing professionals. They will bring quality packing supplies and transport all your belongings safely.

In conclusion

New York City is a great place to live in. However, it is known for its extremely high real estate prices. There are several affordable Staten Island neighborhoods that could be a great place for you and your family. Take into consideration your lifestyle, daily activities, and budget, and choose the area that will be your future home.

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