Most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to settle in

New York is one of the most iconic cities in the world, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Cheap and  New York don’t go hand in hand, due to a huge influx of people asking prices and rents seem to go through the roofs higher and higher every season. If you are interested to find the most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to settle in,  you might be surprised to discover that there are no inexpensive places to live in Manhattan.  But out there throughout New York, there are definitely some cheaper options. Nevertheless, let’s stay with movers Inwood NY within the borderline of Manhattan, and let’s see what they have found in reality, what is the situation really like in Manhattan. What is considered to be bearable in Manhattan? Which neighborhoods make it possible to live there.

Manhattan is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the world, but it’s also one of the most expensive

Affordable Manhattan neighborhoods

Best Movers NY  come with the list where renting rates are not as expensive compared to the majority of the neighborhood.


You’ll spend around $1,850 a month to rent an apartment in Inwood. That’s the median asking rent as of May 2021. If you want to buy, count on the median sales price of  $439,000. As far as natural surroundings are concerned no skyscrapers are allowed in Inwood. There’s plenty of lush greenery in Inwood Hill Park. You can really feel like you are out of the city in Inwood park. Important to say, there are convenient transportation options in this neighborhood. It is 33 minutes commute between Inwood and midtown Manhattan. All in all, Inwood is an affordable neighborhood on the very northern edge of Manhattan with a very suburban feel, where you can experience the many cultural benefits of New York as well.

A park in autumn colors in manhattan

Embrace the colors of fall or lush greenery in the season at one of Manhattans many parks

Washington Heights 

The average rent in Washington Heights is  $2,345.Notably, the apartments in this neighborhood are larger and more affordable. Median Home Value is $493,186. Washington Heights is one of the city’s safest neighborhoods, and it ranks a respectable 24th out of 69 for per capita crime.  Washington Heights has quite a large park area in northern Manhattan. The Cloister in Fort Tryon Park is a famous site for tourists interested in the local culture, so your cultural life won’t be empty in this neighborhood. Living in Washington Heights offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Washington Heights there is a lot to do, there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.


Harlem is a wonderful neighborhood to call home in NYC. It offers affordable housing (average rent is $2,800), excellent restaurants, community vibes, a thriving cultural scene, and rich history. The area is also a great neighborhood for people who value diversity. Harlem offers both peaceful views of the Hudson and iconic architecture where century-old brownstones, limestone, and brick townhouses prevail. Harlem has proximity to downtown Manhattan. Still, life in Harlem tends to feel a bit quieter and more residential. Movers Harlem NYC can testify that this is definitely one of the most typical New York areas that you can find. That is to say,  your life in Harlem will certainly be interesting.

Gramercy Park 

Are you looking to move to Gramercy? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact Gramercy movers, since Gramercy is one of New York’s most desirable neighborhoods to move to. In terms of safety, Gramercy is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. On top of that, it is also the most serene and tranquil place to live in all of New York. Gramercy stands for a posh area where those who adore living a “high-end life” are located. The reality is that Gramercy is not affordable at all. If you want to buy a house here expect to pay the median home value of $954,945. If you want to rent one bedroom apartment you will have to pay a median rent of $2,594. Even so, moving to Gramercy is not as easy it seems due to the high demand for apartments and houses.

Hamilton Heights

In terms of prices, Hamilton Heights is not overpriced. Here, a typical renovated one-bedroom apartment runs about $2,400; two-bedroom apartments go for around $3,000/month, and three- or four-bedrooms run around $4,000/month. Transportation options are great and proximity to a number of parks and academic institutions are big benefits in Hamilton Heights. There are old buildings, beautiful olf townhouses in particular, with large area stretches along the lush green roads of Hamilton Heights. The neighborhood provides the galore of parks along the banks of the Hudson River which makes it a lush green surrounding.

Affordable Manhattan neighborhoods
There are no cheap places to live in Manhattan, some neighborhoods are less expensive than others

Lenox Hill on the Upper East 

Important to say, this neighborhood offers an excellent experience of the NYC lifestyle. The western part of the neighborhood is close to Central Park which automatically means higher prices and wealth in general, while the eastern half offers some reasonable housing options. A one-bedroom apartment can be found in the $2,200 to $2,600 range.

Tudor City

Although it is a lesser-known part of Manhattan, the median sales price in Tudor City is  $417,251.  Tudor City is located on the far east side of the island near the United Nations. One of the reasons why Tudor City is so affordable is because most of its housing is smaller apartments, so-called micro-apartments but still you are in the epicenter of the town. It is a beautiful little place with real character and some nice restaurants and great everyday life opportunities.

Now that you have an insight into where to find affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan, it’s time for you to contact Best Movers NY to find the movers that will relocate you to your  Manhattan apartment. Nobody can deny it, housing in Manhattan is expensive. To put it simply,  Manhattan stays the most sought-after neighborhood of NY which makes the market even more competitive. The prices keep skyrocketing and it doesn’t look like they will freeze or decrease any time soon. It’s what it is, as affordable as it will get. 

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