Living in the Financial District: pros and cons

Are you considering living in the Financial District? First, you must be sure that it is the right decision. And, that will largely depend on what you value in the community. If your final choice is living in the Financial District, ask Best Movers NY for help. In the first place, relocating to Manhattan is not very easy. And in general, the NYC traffic is quite rough. Therefore, driving a moving truck through Manhattan requires time and patience. Luckily, your movers will know all the less frequent roads. And all the clear routes that will bring you quickly to your new location. So, don’t try to DIY. The right movers will save you from many troubles.

Center of a business and commerce

When discussing Financial Center, or FiDi, the first thing that comes to mind is the eye-catching architecture. Also, many would envision crowds of business people, financial experts, and bankers. Besides, the FiDi is full of tourists visiting famous parts of the neighborhood. And all that would be just a part of the picture. Truly, the FiDi is a very busy area from Monday to Friday. And it is a center of business and commerce. Also, there are located some iconic buildings and sites as:

  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Ground Zero
  • One World Trade Center

But, FiDi has the other side too. After the working hours and on weekends, this is a very quiet neighborhood. And, about 60,000 people are calling this area home.

Charging Bull, New York, NY, USA - Living in the Financial District.
Living in the Financial District you will enjoy quiet afternoons and weekends.

What to expect living in the Financial District

Besides high concrete and glass building, FiDi has its fair share of natural beauty. So, many are surprised to discover that this area has many green pockets. The FiDi is located at the confluence of the Hudson and East Rivers. And, living close to water, you can enjoy a variety of activities. Besides walking alongside the banks, you can spend a quiet evening in a coffee shop beside the water. Or, you can go jogging in one of the numerous parks. So, looking for an apartment in Financial District, you can choose one close to those amenities. The rest you can leave to Financial District movers.

Regarding the FiDi food scene, you will be surprised by the rich offer. NYC is well known for having residents from all parts of the Globe. So, migrating to NYC, they brought their authentic cuisines. And, you will not luck their rich choice living in FiDi. You can just walk and choose between Italian, Japanese, or Mexican food flavors. And, FiDi is home to the original Delmonico’s. Instead of listening to our impression, visit it. And enjoy some of the most tasteful meals in your lifetime.

Renting in Financial District

79% of residents of FiDi are renting. And here is the summary of median rental prices in the Financial District, NYC:

  • studio – $3,340
  • 1- bedroom apartment – $3,800
  • 2- bedroom apartment – $4,125
  • 3- bedroom apartment – $4,667
  • 4- bedroom apartment – $7,400

In many cases, the young professional are deciding to share a bigger apartment. That way, they can be just a walking distance from their offices. So, they will not need to pay for commuting. Those considering buying a property in FiDi should know that in the 1st quarter of 2022, the median home price in this neighborhood was $1M.

Pros of living in FiDi

So, having a general picture of living in the Financial District, let us see what the pros of living in this exciting neighborhood are

A combination of neon and a beautiful sunset made a stunning shot at Pier 11 New York.Living in FiDi, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets from piers.

You will live by the water

For many people, living by the water is very relaxing. In case you are one of them, the Financial District would be a good place for you. Pier 15 and 17 are fantastic locations to spend a day off, regardless if you have a boat or not. Also, the constant breezes from the water will be welcome refreshment during the hot, summer days.

High safety

In all cities, you can expect some criminal activities. However, living in FiDi, you will realize that this is one of the safer parts of NYC. 

Stunning Architecture

There is something mesmerizing in surrounded by such architecture, where old buildings meet with glass colossus. And, moving to this enchanted place would be very easy with the assistance of  local movers in Manhattan.

FiDi is a shopping hotspot

Many clothing designers have their headquarters in Financial District. If you spend a whole day shopping, you will find many places where you can find food and drinks. So, you can also join the queues in front of the famous sushi kiosks.

Nightlife in Financial District

Although the nights are very quiet in FiDi, living there, you will surely find some jewels. Such are the Stone Street Tavern and the Seaglass Carousel. In case you are a real night owl, you can easily rich some of the “all night long” entertainment places in the neighboring districts.

FiDi has a rich history

Living in FiDi you will find some interesting historical landmarks. Such places are the Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Also, you may enjoy sightseeing at the famous Battery Maritime Hall. And, we are sure that you will find many more interesting spots which will make you curious. 

People Standing in Front of Stage.
Living in FiDi, you may miss the NYC nightlife.

Cons of living in FiDi

The thing is that living in FiDi, you will be surrounded by luxury. Also, before you advance in your career, many of that things will be out of your reach. That can be rather frustrating. But, it can be a motivation too. It will just depend on how you perceive it. So, let us see what are the main cons, besides this one.

Costs of living

Financial District is one of the most expensive parts of NYC. So, you should check well all the possibilities. And, you should make careful calculations. Remember that the main rule is that the rent shouldn’t exceed 30% of your monthly income. Otherwise, you will start living on the borrowed money. And that is not the most advisable way of living. So, once you are sure that you will be able to afford standard living conditions in DiFi, you can give a call to residential movers Manhattan.

Expect poor nightlife living in the Financial District

We already know that the nightlife in FiDi is almost non-existent. In case you are a young person, used to go out, think twice before moving. True, you can always go to neighboring areas and have some fun. But you can also quickly grow tired of such trips.

Shops and restaurants are closing early

Some people will not mid this. However, if that is a problem for you, reconsider your decision of moving to FiDi. 

Financial District has something for everyone

Now you know what to expect from living in the Financial District. Before making the final decision, it would be good to consider all the pros and cons. The truth is that the district has so much to offer. And, if those several drawbacks are not so important for you, we are sure you will love your new neighborhood. However, you will make the final decision about moving to FiDi.

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