Life after moving to Hollis: What you need to know

Beginning anew in NYC often seems frightening. However, if your neighborhood of choice happens to be Hollis, a peaceful setting in this bustling city, you are bound to experience an easier transition. Still, before you have officially moved here, it’s important to familiarize yourself with this neighborhood’s unique characteristics. The team at Best Movers NYC will help you with the actual move. But when it comes to adapting to life after moving to Hollis, this one’s on you. Still, to simplify matters, we have decided to help you make the most of it. So, eithout further ado, here’s what you can expect post-move!

General information about Hollis

Hollis, a neighborhood tucked away in the southeast corner of Queens, New York, is a hidden gem that beautifully blends the tranquility of residential life with the pulse of urban dynamism. Home to approximately 24,000 residents, it is a mix of cultures, although,  African American and Hispanic ethnicities predominate the area.

The neighborhood’s accessible location is one of its many charms. With numerous train and bus lines at your disposal, commuting truly is a breeze. Moreover, you are never too far away from other parts of NYC! Now, despite its easy access to the hustle and bustle, Hollis maintains a serene atmosphere that might make you forget you’re in a city that never sleeps!

Moving on to the history, it’s worth noting that this neighborhood has had a big influence on the hip-hop culture, having given birth to notable artists such as Russell Simmons and his brother Joseph Simmons of Run-D.M.C. They have left an indelible mark, making Hollis a significant location in the hip-hop world. It’s precisely this rich cultural heritage, coupled with the neighborhood’s diverse demographics and great location, that makes Hollis a unique and engaging place to call home.

Picture of residential buildings
This quarter brings the best of both worlds.

The public transportation system will be an essential part of your life after moving to Hollis

When looking at Hollis’ transportation system, one finds a reliable network easing the daily commute. When it comes to the average journey time, it hovers around 40 minutes. The proximity to Jamaica, another bustling Queens neighborhood, further bolsters this efficient connectivity. Moreover, the availability of various public transportation modes enhances mobility within this part of Queens. Subway lines, buses, and the Long Island Rail Road serve the area, ensuring a swift journey whenever you set your mind on going. In terms of affordability, it’s great to know that ticket pricing remains reasonable:

  • For a mere $2.75, you can purchase a single-ride ticket.
  • A weekly pass is $33.
  • Meanwhile, a monthly pass stands at $127.

For newcomers, Queens residential movers serve as a wellspring of reliable insight, guiding you through the nuances of navigating the area and the city. Using this complex system will initially be confusing, but it will soon become second nature. We know it!

Families will have a great life in the area

Within this community’s realm, there are plenty of opportunities for families and children. The community is home to several educational institutions, including the Nathaniel Woodhull public school, which is committed to providing quality education for its students. The neighborhood is also home to other public schools such as P.S. 118 Lorraine Hansberry and P.S. 134 Hollis, which further contribute to the educational landscape of the area.

For recreation and relaxation, families can head to the Hollis Playground, a spot where kids can play and parents can unwind. But that’s not all. Hollis also houses the Liberty Triangle Park, a symbol of the history and culture of the African American community in the area. The park is home to Liberty Rock, a boulder painted in the colors of the Pan-African flag, representing the community’s commitment to civil rights, group identity, and fostering ties between all people of African descent.

Picture of people adjusting to life after moving to Hollis
You can enjoy a large variety of amenities in this neighborhood

Engaging with the community and exploring landmarks brings a fulfilling journey

Active community engagement and exploration of local landmarks prove invaluable. Immerse yourself in the neighborhood’s spirit by attending events like the annual Rock The Bells Festival. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the Hollis Presbyterian Church on 196th Street, a historic place of worship since its establishment in 1875. The assistance of long distance movers Queens provides can preserve your energy after the arduous journey, allowing you to explore your new surroundings fully.

Hip-hop is what this neighborhood is truly known for

As was already mentioned, Hollis, Queens, has been a significant hub for hip-hop culture since its inception. This neighborhood’s influence on the genre is largely due to the fact that hip-hop producer and icon Russell Simmons hails from this community. His brother Joseph Simmons, along with friends Darryl McDaniels and Jason Mizell, formed the influential rap group Run-D.M.C., which further solidified Hollis’s place in hip-hop history. Their hit song “Christmas in Hollis” is a testament to their roots in this neighborhood. However, this area’s contribution to hip-hop extends beyond these notable figures, as it has consistently been a hotbed of talent. Here, emerging artists take the stage, delivering powerful performances and fostering a sense of community. Like the knowledgeable Hollis NY movers, long-time residents can regale you with stories and insights into the neighborhood’s hip-hop heritage. Should you wish to learn more about it, that is.

Picture of colorful graffiti
Undoubtedly, life after moving to Hollis will have more encounters with this unique music genre.

Your life after moving to Hollis will be transformed in the best ways possible

Moving brings a lot of change, no matter your destination. But if you are moving from a suburban area to NYC, this locale might be a good place to start. Thanks to its laid-back, relaxed vibe, life after moving to Hollis won’t seem too hectic. You will get the best of NYC while keeping some of the peace you might be used to.

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