Top Latinx neighborhoods in the Big Apple

Although New York City houses millions of people and covers such a big area, with many different neighborhoods, you could say there are none as lively and culturally rich neighborhoods as those predominantly Latin. Within the Latinx neighborhoods in the Big Apple, every street corner, every bodega, tells a story of culture and community. These neighborhoods bear witness to the adaptability and resilience of their residents and also represent a fusion of traditions from various Southern American countries. However, there are still the ones that stand out, and Best Movers NYC is here to tell you all about them.

Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights is located in Queens and showcases the city’s fantastic diversity. This Latinx neighborhood is a mix of cultures, with people from all over the world living here and bringing a variety of traditions, languages, and flavors. The average home value in Jackson Heights is about $450,000, and a 1-bedroom apartment typically rents for about $2,200. As you walk along Roosevelt Avenue, you’ll hear many different languages, further showing the area’s diversity.

a street in one of the Latinx neighborhoods in the Big Apple
The Latinx neighborhoods in the Big Apple thrive with music and dance, with salsa, bachata, reggaeton, and more filling the air in local bars, clubs, and cultural centers.

In Jackson Heights, you can go on a global food adventure and try various dishes originating from South America. You can taste Colombian arepas and authentic Mexican tacos all in one place. Additionally, the neighborhood’s eateries and food carts offer the flavors of numerous other nations, making it a true Epicurean paradise. Choosing to move and live here will not be a decision you will regret. Therefore, count on the assistance of the movers in Jackson Heights NY to help you move here swiftly and stress-free.


Woodside is a charming neighborhood that has quietly become a haven for Latinx culture within Queens and NYC as well. While it may not be as well-known as some neighboring areas, Woodside offers a unique and authentic Latino experience, such as the atmosphere and culinary scene. The average home value in the area is around $443,000, while the rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is usually around $2,370. Recently, Woodside has seen a growing influx of new residents, primarily hailing from countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. The movers Woodside NY has to provide are always here to offer moving services to these newcomers, so if you are one, feel free to give them a call.


Elmhurst is also located in Queens,  and it’s similar to the previous two neighborhoods in terms of what it can offer. The average Elmhurst home value is around $475,000, while the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is around $2,000. The neighborhood is considered to be multicultural. However, the Latino presence in Elmhurst has significantly contributed to its unique character.

women in a cafe talking to each other
Elmhurst stands as a testament to the power of diversity, with various languages, colorful storefronts, and a blend of traditions coexisting harmoniously.

Elmhurst is also a place where cultural celebrations come to life. Energetic festivities like Hispanic Heritage Month and street parades during Carnaval fill the neighborhood with the rhythms of lively music, dance, and art. Lastly, local businesses and community centers often host events and workshops that celebrate and preserve Latin traditions.


Bushwick is a neighborhood that stands out as a center for Latinx culture and artistic expression. The average Bushwick home value is around $865,000, and the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is generally around $2,900. Bushwick is located in the northern reaches of Brooklyn. Over the years, it has also transformed into a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation you see today.

The local art scene

Art is the heartbeat of Bushwick, and its streets are a living canvas. This neighborhood is famous for its striking street art, which often reflects its Latino residents’ cultural roots and stories. Murals, graffiti, and displays of creativity adorn the walls, additionally giving the community a dynamic and ever-changing aesthetic.

a picture of frida kahlo
In Bushwick, art is the heartbeat of the community, as murals and graffiti reflect its Latinx residents’ cultural roots and stories.

Beyond visual art, Bushwick trebles with Latinx music and dance. Salsa, bachata, reggaeton, and other genres fill the air in local bars, clubs, and cultural centers. The neighborhood’s nightlife is also energetic, offering an authentic taste of Latino nightlife in the heart of Brooklyn and even in New York City itself.

Cuisine and the community

Cuisine is another vital aspect of Bushwick’s Latin identity. The area sees many cozy family-owned restaurants serving traditional dishes like mofongo and tostones. However, trendy eateries putting modern twists on classic recipes can also be found here. Bushwick’s Latino community is also deeply engaged in community-building efforts. All in all, the neighborhood is a place where activism and cultural preservation go hand in hand.

The best Latinx neighborhoods in the Big Apple

Each of the Latinx neighborhoods in the Big Apple is unique, yet they all share a rich cultural heritage. They’ve sculpted out a special place in New York City’s landscape through their culinary delights, community gatherings, and artistic expressions. Together, they exemplify the city’s motto, “E pluribus unum” – out of many, one – and also showcase how diversity and unity coexist within this global metropolis. You can experience the unique lifestyle these neighborhoods offer firsthand. All you need to do is to move here with the help of the local moving companies NYC residents have already trusted, choose the neighborhood that suits you the most, and start your new life there.



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