How to search for affordable movers in Brooklyn

There are a lot of moving companies but you are looking for an affordable and reliable one, aren’t you? Who isn’t? You’ve already found a beautiful, suitable place to live. You’ve spent a lot on closing costs, lawyer fees so far. You are more than overwhelmed with your moving situation but the real thing is yet to come. You need more than ever the best deal but also the best service. How to search for affordable movers in Brooklyn? And movers with great service at the same time? Before we give you some hints on how to find affordable movers without getting scammed, let’s agree on the fact that you do not need cheap movers at all, you need affordable ones. There is a big difference between the two. If you hire cheap movers, you can end up with far too big a total cost so it is best to avoid them. With this in mind, let’s dig into ways how to search for affordable movers in Brooklyn. 

Search for affordable movers in Brooklyn
Relocation isn’t a cheap undertaking

How to search for affordable movers in Brooklyn

Start early

As soon as you make your decision to move, start calling companies and making inquires. It’s never too early to find out what to expect in terms of pricing. Or just start asking for quotes from best movers in Brooklyn at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Try to get quotes from as many companies as you can and shortlist them based on the price and services they offer. You must pay attention to details, the quotes may vary depending on the type of service that has been offered. Some charge by the size and space, some by the weight, and some by the number of items you are moving. A lot of options to choose from so don’t wait last minute because you can end up with the priciest offer then. Booking a moving company six months earlier can save you up to 50% depending on the company. However, this deal will require a deposit. Fair enough!

Look for recommendations

Every company claims that they have the best service, lowest prices, and satisfied clients, but how can you tell it is the truth? The first thing to do will be to turn to your friends and family, co-workers, or neighbors for recommendations. Word-of-mouth marketing has been, is, and will be the most effective way of marketing for companies. Good word travels far, actions speak for themselves. Think about who has moved recently, get in touch, start asking questions and a discussion

  • Was their experience like?
  • Would they use local movers Brooklyn again?
  • How much did the whole undertaking cost?
  • What would they do differently if they could?

Even if they had a negative experience with the movers, you can learn from their mistakes or avoid them. If the company, nonetheless, providing quality service at a reasonable cost, you know who to contact. Rest assured, friends and family won’t trick you when it comes to moving. 

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When it comes to hiring moving companies, it’s important to maintain that balance between quality and affordability.


You can check movers’ reviews and moving company ratings on specialized websites, such as Yelp. Important to realize, examining the online reputation of movers is nowadays the first step in the process of finding the best-rated moving companies around you. In those short written experiences, customers tell what their movers did right and what they did wrong, including giving more details about any issues, problems, misunderstandings, or disputes that might have arisen during the move. Ideally, such reviews should be your guide, giving you a general idea of which companies are safe to be hired and which ones are not. Let’s not forget one more credible source where you can also check the company’s business ratings. That is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You should avoid moving companies that are not BBB accredited or ones that have low BBB ratings.

Get free quotes

Don’t hesitate to fill out a quote form, do it with as many companies around you as you can. Compare prices and services to decide what company best meets your needs. Don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. A trait of reputable movers is that they will do an in-home estimate. These estimates are much more precise. An in-home survey takes into consideration specific items (like pianos, antiques, or safes), long or stair carriers, and loading situations. All of these constitute the final cost. Also, a reliable mover won’t go under an average price, all offers that sound too good to be true should be avoided.

Ask the right questions

It is important that you are satisfied from the first moment. Don’t hesitate to ask Best Movers NY all you need to know to feel comfortable. Prepare a list of questions in advance so as not to forget everything you wanted to know and start interviewing the company representatives. Here are the things you may want to ask about

  • Do you charge per hour, distance, weight, size, or number of items?
  • Would you charge extra for my specialty moving needs
  • Do you insure my items?
  • What is the claims procedure for lost or damaged items?
  • Are there any extra hidden fees?
  • Can I get all the packing supplies and materials from you?
  • How many movers do I get for this size move? 

    Brown city buildings in NYC
    There are so many different moving companies in Brooklyn and New York City in general; how do you choose the right one for you?

As you can see, finding a reliable and affordable mover requires a little action on your part, but the results will be well worth the effort. Be proactive, you can not afford to waste both time and money on the moving service you don’t deserve. We understand that finding affordable movers with a good reputation and quality services is not an easy undertaking. Hopefully, the hints above will help you to know what to expect when you start your search for affordable movers in Brooklyn.  Moving can be a nice experience if you plan well and choose to hire the best moving company according to your budget. Your money will not just stay in your account but you will also have a stress-free relocation to a new place. To sum up, you will have the best movers that just perfectly suit your needs.

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