How to save money on a long-distance move

Long-distance moving is not cheap. For the local move, you have to pay from $300 to $1500. This basically depends on the time the moving crew needs to relocate you. So, the bigger your household or office, the higher the price. The long-distance moving cost range from $2400 to $5,600. The cost depends on the weight of your belongings and the moving distance. So, if you are transporting a lot of heavy items, the cost will be higher. Also, moving to a neighboring state will be significantly cheaper than coast-to-coast moving. However, there are several ways to save money on a long-distance move. Following the simple tips of Best Movers NYC, will help you to make savings.

A woman in an orange sweater packs things in moving boxes, thinking how to save money on a long-distance move.
To save money on a long-distance move, do decluttering before you start to pack.

Prepare your long-distance moving budget

Making the moving budget is easy. You simply need to list all expected costs and sum them up. Before that, you have to make a decision. Are you planning the DYI move? Or you are planning to hire a moving company. The answer will decide the structure of your budget. However, both plans have the same starting point. That is decluttering.

Why is decluttering important for a long-distance move?

We already saw that moving heavy load will increase the long-distance moving cost. That’s why, before you ask for a cost assessment, you have to do a proper decluttering of your belonging. Not only you will have less to move. You will also get rid of many things that you don’t use. All these surplus things you can:

  • Sell the things which are in good condition, but you don’t need them anymore. That way you will,  as well, increase your moving budget
  • Donate all the things which are fairly good preserved, but not new
  • Throw away all your belongings that are spoiled or torn. Neither you nor someone else will use them anymore. At the best, they could be recycled.

Once you decided what items to move to a new home, ask for a costs assessment. Best long-distance movers NYC will send their experts to make the in-house check. After that, they will present you with a cost assessment. Their assessment is well presented, describing all the costs and their prices.

How to secure enough funds for your long-distance relocation?

Experts recommend that you should start saving up money early. For a long-distance move, start several months in advance. Of course, the time to secure funds deffer from case to case. And it generally depends on your income situation. However, earlier you start, you will not have to struggle with covering monthly expenses. Simply stop buying unnecessary things. Don’t buy shoes, clothes, beddings, etc. All that you will buy in your new city. Also, instead of having meals in the restaurant, eat at home. You may be surprised how much you will save up. And you will have lesser weight to transport.

Blue and red freight trucks on the road.
Renting a freight trailer is also a popular DIY way to haul belongings across the country.

How can you save money for long-distance relocation when hiring a moving company?

If your budget allows it, go for hiring a moving company. Making a DIY long-distance move is rather difficult. And in the end, it might not be cheaper than hiring a reliable moving company. In such a case, ask for cost estimation from at least three moving companies. Study them carefully to see which costs they cover. By hiring the moving company, you will have fewer things to worry about. Long-distance movers Queens will provide you with the best moving materials too. Also, at request, they will send professionals to pack your possessions. The other advantages of hiring a moving company are:

  • They have all equipment to safely load and unload your belongings
  • The moving company has its own moving truck
  • With them, your belongings are insured
  • They can always provide you with additional services like temporary storage, disassembling and reassembling your furniture, etc.

Also, it is well known that moving costs in the peak season are higher. So, if you can, schedule your move during the off-season time. The prices may be up to 25% lower for the off-season moves. Also, moving on weekends is more expensive. So, schedule your move on a working day. This will be yet another saving on your overall moving costs.

What to expect when going for DIY long-distance moving?

Although self-moving is not so advisable for a long-distance move, some people will do it. So, in such a case your budget will have to be adjusted. You will have to organize the purchase of the moving material. To prevent things from spilling over, make sure you find good quality moving boxes. They have to be sturdy and of proper sizes. The usual costs, when making a DIY move, are:

  • Hiring movers for loading/unloading
  • Securing a reliable moving truck of the right size to accommodate your possessions
  • Fuel, highway tolls, costs for securing the loaded truck during stopovers
  • Renting or purchasing moving equipment as moving blankets, moving dolls, etc.
  • You will have to purchase insurance for your belongings. With the DIY move, they are not automatically covered
  • You will have to find and hire the manpower to do furniture disassembling/reassembling
  • In case you need temporary storage, you will need time to search for one on your own
White wooden table with papers, calculator, pen and hand holding one paper.
Check if you are eligible for refunding the moving expenses.

How to save money on a long-distance move with DIY relocation?

We saw the disadvantages of DIY long-distance moves. However, there are some cheap ways for long-distance moving. Using some of them and you can make considerable savings. Factors that will determine the price of a DIY move are the weight of your belongings and a moving distance. However, calculating the DIY, you have to add up the additional services that you will need. Here are some tips on how you can save on DIY move:

  • Rent a portable moving container – this is one of the most popular DIY methods nowadays
  • Get free moving supplies and boxes
  • Rent a freight trailer – this is also a popular way to haul your belongings across the country
  • Shipping your stuff – however, this option is good for only a small amount of stuff
  • Check with your new company if you are eligible for refunding of the moving expenses – if so, save all your moving bills

You might find some additional possibilities for saving on your DIY move. Don’t hesitate. Just go for them.

Do you still opt for having an easier long-distance move that will save your time and money?

By hiring a professional company like long-distance movers Staten Island you can save money on a long-distance move. And not only the money. You will save time and a lot of nerves. With professional full-service movers, your long-distance move will be an easy and relaxing experience. And one hard task will be turned into a nice cross-country trip.

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