How To Make Friends After the Move: Best Apps to Make Friends in NYC

NYC provides many opportunities for young people to form friendships. However, once you’ve gone through elementary, high school, and college years, meeting new people isn’t as easy. Once your thirties begin and you start working endless hours and planning for a family, the chances of making friends abruptly diminish. It comes as no surprise that the majority of strong adult friendships are often with people from high school or college. However, although we no longer have a lot of free time, that doesn’t mean we can’t meet new acquaintances in New York. If there ever was a place where people of all backgrounds coexist, it’s the Big Apple. Adult New Yorkers must simply make a greater effort to make new friends.‍ If this is your case as well, worry not, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at the best apps to make friends in NYC.

Top 5 Best Apps to Make Friends in NYC

Despite the fact that we regularly check our social media accounts, being social is difficult. The experts at Best Movers NYC have a lot of experience with people who move to the city and cannot seem to form friendships. This is exactly why we’ve decided to help. Many of us have trouble making real-world relationships. Your phone can be the key to making friends in a new city by helping you meet new people. Here are the six best apps to make friends in NYC that will make it easier for you to make acquaintances and form friendships after moving and broaden your social network.

useful best apps to make friends in NYC
Your phone can be the key to making friends in a new city by helping you get in touch with new people.


Your home is where you feel safe and you are surrounded by your family members. However, the neighborhood in which your house is situated is equally important. Hiring local movers within NYC and coming here doesn’t have to be so stressful. After you’ve settled, what could possibly be better than having friends that live nearby? You can find those that live in your neighborhood on Nextdoor, one of the best private social networks. There are several categories on the app where you can publish and acquire information. Those range from finding a nearby babysitter to the specifics of an upcoming party. If you want to feel more a part of your community or get to know your neighbors, use this app. Additionally, if you wish to keep up with local news it might also be quite useful for you.


Patook, a platonic friend-making app, brings people together by using a points system. Users are prompted to rank numerous characteristics (gender, interests, languages, etc.) after creating their profiles based on their preferences. Based on how you prioritized the attributes, the app will then pair you up with those who have accumulated the most points. The user has two options for connecting with someone. Either they send each other an anonymous message or they mutually rank each other. After residential movers NYC successfully relocated you, you are ready for making friends. There are public discussion boards that are visible in relation to your location as another opportunity to interact with people who live there. It is a good addition to discovering people who match you well. In addition, Patook allows you to control who can view your profile, making it feel safer than dating apps or other social media sites.

woman sitting on sofa while looking at her phone
Based on how you prioritized the attributes, the app will then pair you up with those who have accumulated the most points.

Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF, the newest update to the well-known Bumble dating app, gives you the opportunity to locate your next buddy with only a swipe of your finger. Similar to the dating version, you may create a profile with a series of pictures of yourself. Of course, you should add a short bio about yourself. It is also advisable to make a statement about whether or not you’re seeking a friend who also enjoys brunch (the answer is always “yes”). If you just moved to NYC with the help of long distance movers NYC you can mention that as well.

Bumble will give you the chance to message each other (within a 24-hour timeframe) if you both swipe right for each other. That might lead to a new possible friendship. If you enjoy how simple it is to meet new people using the dating app Bumble, try Bumble BFF. If you want to connect in the simplest and most convenient method possible, this app is for you.


We3 asserts that, despite the common perception that three individuals are a crowd, this is the ideal quantity for friendship formation. You must swipe through statement cards on this app. Afterward, you select whether you agree, disagree, or remain neutral on each one in order to be matched. We3 groups you into a tribe of three extremely compatible individuals based on your answers, where you can communicate with them. Only your tribes can see your profile, which is a significant benefit. You will surely enjoy this app if you value your privacy and are tired of one-on-one conversations.

a person using a dating app
The best apps to make friends in NYC offer different options and categories to choose from.


Meetup offers 24 different kinds of events for you to pick from. No matter if you’re seeking your next kayaking partner or want to work with other writers (food and drink, music, photography, beliefs, etc.). First, select the dates that work for you. Then, sit back and watch as the app uses your location to find events that fit the categories you’re looking for. You may now want to miss any opportunities to attend events in NYC with individuals who share your interests. To guarantee that, you may RSVP to these events, message other attendees, and join groups.


Moving to a new place is one of the most daunting decisions we make, but things worth doing never come easy. For some people, packing their possessions into boxes and changing their addresses isn’t stressful. However, the knowledge that they’ll have to leave significant others behind as they move forward probably is. Whether you’re looking forward to your relocation or dreading it, it’s difficult to adjust to living in a new city, and there may not seem to be many possibilities to meet new people. After having read our article, rest assured that these best apps to make friends in NYC will help you meet great people once you settle in.

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