How to get an accurate quote from Staten Island movers?

Many people tend to believe that if they find a moving company with a good review and description, that is it. Well, even though it is not the nicest thing to hear, but that is not the truth. Every moving company has its own services that they can provide you with. And basically, according to those mostly, you choose them. They can offer you packing services, storage facilities, loading, and unloading, and so on. Depending on which of the services you are going to take, from where to where you are moving, when, and other factors you will get your price for this. To get an accurate quote from Staten Island movers, you first need to know what exactly do you want. Relocation is something that requires planning and it can’t be done without. So after you find the best local movers in Staten Island, start making a plan.

Mover leaning on a moving van.
Before you can get an accurate quote from Staten Island movers, find them first!

It is important that you get an accurate quote from Staten Island movers for many reasons

When you get an accurate quote from Staten Island movers, it means that you made a good choice when it comes to a moving company. There are many fake moving companies that want to lure you in, take your money and belongings, and you can’t do anything about it afterward because you signed the documents. Most likely, if a company is not real, they won’t propose you a moving quote or an estimate. When you ask for a moving quote, you are asking your company to tell you the price of the whole package you are taking. So, basically, they make it when you give them your plan and your requirements.

Now, there is a difference between a moving estimate and a moving quote. Estimates are made according to the time movers spend moving you. And the quote is usually for the long-distance moves and they charge you by the weight of your boxes, and so on. This is very important for you to know because if a company doesn’t tell you this, you can easily spend all of your money for no reason. That is only one of the reasons why choosing Staten Island movers is the first important step you need to make. If you choose the wrong ones, you can end up without money and not relocated. Which is not something you are looking for.

To get a proper moving quote, you first need to make an in-home quote

Since getting a moving quote means you are probably moving long-distance and the company will charge you by the weight, not the time, they need to be familiar with the items you are relocating. This means that they will have to come to your place and check out how many things you need to relocate, how heavy they are if there are any stairs that are making heavy lifting more difficult, and so on. Don’t be surprised when they show up at your door before your moving day. It is completely normal. Now, when they inspect everything and they are ready to propose you an in-home moving quote, there is one thing you need to ask from your long-distance movers NYC has.

Verbal estimates or any kind of agreements are for sure not reliable at all. So, ask them for a written quote or estimate, since this way, both parties will have everything on the paper how it is, and what the deal was. This comes in very helpful if some difficulties or mistakes come up on the way. For sure, it is not something that happens all the time. But it is better to be safe and prepared.

Mover checking things for the move.
Your movers will check out belongings that you are about to relocate so you can get your quote.

Once you get an accurate quote from Staten Island movers, you need to be aware of some additional costs

Don’t think that now when you have your written moving quote and the price, that’s it. Very often, it happens that you end up having some extra costs. It is not always the case, but it is something that you can expect. Some moving companies can charge some things they are relocating. For instance, if something is too heavy, or some tolls on the highway, and so on. This really depends from company to company. But, you can’t risk and wait until it is the end of a relocation. You have your budget limit, and you can’t go over that.

Because of this, you need to ask your commercial movers in Staten Island to tell you before you sign any documents or agreements if there will be any extra costs that you can expect. They can often tell you even how much you can expect that extra cost will be. And this is helpful because you can put that money aside and you are already prepared for that. Another thing that you can’t skip is asking them about the expiration of the quote. Not every moving quote lasts as long as you want. And you don’t want to end up without your movers and quote.

Be aware of your agreement

You should know that there is still a possibility your movers will charge you more. Sometimes, you need to be aware of what is written in your moving quote. It happens that people on a moving day bring way more things, and heavier than how they agreed on. You have your binding estimate. It should be a written document with all of the calculations and your costs made according to the weight or cubic feet of your belongings. But if on the day when your movers come to your place and you bring out more things than how much you were supposed to bring, you should be aware they will charge more. Anyway, it will be 10% above your nonbinding estimate, not more.

Person signing documents.
Make sure you read all of the documents before you sign any.

Pack on your own

Packing is the longest part of each relocation. Because of this reason, movers can offer you this service. But, like everything else, it costs more. It is for sure better if you decide to pack by yourself. Sometimes it can be stressful if you don’t start on time, so start from the first day. This will also help you out with unpacking because you will know where your items are.


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