How to compare residential moving companies in NYC

Finding the right moving company in a place as big as NYC can be a really tough job. First of all, the company has to be a reliable one. There is a big chance you will encounter more than a few fraudulent movers. So, prepare to do some good and thorough research so you can avoid hiring scammers. The second big thing when you compare residential moving companies in NYC is to find one that fits your budget. Some companies are just way too expensive for no good reason. So, find one that fits your budget. The last but not least, find the one that suits your needs. Some are good at commercial moving, but you need a moving company experienced in residential moving.

Don’t take this task lightly. Follow the tips we provide and you will do the job well. Take as much time as you need because it is a really big decision to make. If you do the job properly, you can save up to half the time and money you would otherwise spend. Let’s make sure you find exactly what you need!

Think about what you’re looking for

So, before you pick one among residential movers NYC has to offer, think about what you need. If you want to know which locations they provide service in, most of the companies have that kind of information displayed on their website. They probably also provide information about the types of moves they provide, as well as how long they’ve been in the business.

A man is looking at moving company reviews on his PC.
Try to compare residential moving companies in NYC by reading the reviews since those can be some really reliable sources.

On the other hand, if you don’t get all the answers you need from their website, you can always contact movers and ask them questions yourself. For example, if you need more details when it comes to price and estimation, you can always call, ask and make sure you get the answer you are looking for. You need to make sure the company checks out all the requirements you have before moving on.

Make a list to compare residential moving companies in NYC

So, before you start any big project, a great way to begin is to make a list. That way you are organizing yourself well and the situation will be much more clear to you. List the companies by the way you’ve heard of them. You can also list them in alphabetical order before calling some of the best residential movers in the Bronx, or some other NYC area.

Another great way is to list them by the price and how reliable they are. Using the internet is also pretty convenient. Just download a list and it’ll do the job just fine. When you have a list of options you can choose from, you will feel free to negotiate, discuss terms and avoid having to contact only one or two companies when you compare residential moving companies in NYC.

A man is looking at a list while sitting at a desk.
People who make lists often have a better perspective of the situation and a better judgment.

Look at different reviews

God bless the internet. There are a few different sites you can use to read reviews written by customers about moving companies. Of course, there is also the main site for most companies and it has reviews of satisfied customers they like to display. However, no company would ever display bad reviews so you shouldn’t take those for granted. Just make sure you use the internet properly and inform yourself well when you decide to compare residential moving companies in NYC. If you spend enough time reading about each company and see that different people have similar experiences with a mover, you will be able to accept it as a reliable review.

Compare residential moving companies in NYC by asking friends and family

New York is a big place and there are many pros and cons to living in NYC. With millions of people living in the big city, there are hundreds of companies that do exactly what you need. So, in order to avoid having to deal with most of them, ask around. You probably have friends or family who went through the relocation process.

You can ask colleagues at work or university to help you compare residential moving companies in NYC. They are least likely to lie to you, they want you to get a good service and they can probably recommend you to the movers if they are in good relations so you can relax about it and just wait for the move to happen. A recommendation is always a safer option than searching for a company yourself.

People are having a picnic.
Ask your friends and family who had experience with movers for recommendations before you pick a company.

Try to get quotes

Since budget plays a big role in picking a mover you believe will suit you, try to ask for quotes from at least three different movers. That way, you will get an idea about how much money to prepare. If it fits your budget, great. If not, proceed with searching and finding better quotes.

It’s always more precise and more convenient to actually call them and ask about the price than to try and figure out the price alone just by looking at the site. Ask them over the phone. There are so many factors that are included in the process, like the area you are living in, the price you are trying to get, and the amount of stuff you have to move. So, before you hire Best Movers NYC to do the job, make sure you check how they price. If they charge on an hourly basis, it’s not the same as when they charge by the job.

Keep in mind that price isn’t the sole factor. You should also pay attention to the services they provide. Will they move your pets? Do they do the packaging? Do they have a special way to pack and transport fragile items like china, pottery, and glassware? These are all the questions you should be asking while you compare residential moving companies in NYC. If all these criteria are fulfilled accordingly, proceed. If you base your pick only on the price, you will risk encountering a lot of problems. Also, keep in mind that quotes are just approximate estimations. They aren’t the exact price and you shouldn’t consider them as such.

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