The ultimate guide for long distance move

Moving is almost always stressful. And when it comes to long-distance moving, things are even more complex. In order to help you, we made this guide for long distance move. If you decide on moving, the best thing you can do is to find yourself the best moving company to partner up with on this journey. In a unique situation, like long-distance moving is, you should use every help possible. And you will never regret hiring a moving company.

How to find the best moving company

In our guide for a long distance move must stand what should get your attention when it comes to choosing the best moving company for yourself. If you have some friends that moved recently, don’t skip on asking for a recommendation. If they have a good experience, that will shorten your time for search. But if this is not the case, go online and take some time for a search. If you live in Manhattan, search for Manhattan long distance movers. Finding a local moving company is an advantage. And we will explain exactly what we mean by saying that.

two men holding boxes - guide for long distance move
Our guide for long distance move says to find the best moving company you can.

Why does our guide for long distance move say that it is important to find local movers?

When you find yourself moving company somewhere close to your home, you can easily go to an appointment and ask them all the questions you have. They will also know all the specifics of the neighborhood so long distance movers Bronx will know what is the best part of the day to start your relocation. Also, they will know if there is a traffic jam and all the alternative roads to avoid it.

What services to choose from?

The best answer to this question you will get is from your movers. Know that there is a great variety of additional services that you can find beneficial to yourself. Long distance movers Staten Island is who you will reach if you live in that area. Go to their office and tell them all that worries you. Every relocation is unique and they will probably have a few options for you. Then, you will be able to choose what suits you the best.

Put your movers in charge

If you are about to leave Queens, you decided on long distance movers Queens who will put all your belongings in a truck and leave with it to another location. From that moment they are in charge of anything that happened during the travel. Your job is to relax and trust them. But before they leave, make sure that you let all your boxes put in the truck. You don’t want anything to stay behind.

man holding box and a plant
Put your movers in charge.

Expect higher costs

It would be absurd to think that a long-distance move will not be more expensive than the local one. Logic tells different and if you decided to take that step, you have to save some money for the relocation. Of course that local movers Manhattan will charge less than the long-distance ones. Longer journeys ask for some serious truck with trailers. And of course, people who are experienced in driving them.

person holding money
Expect higher costs for long-distance moving.

You will have to pay for the time that person spends behind the wheel in that long-distance move, and for the fuel that will need. Of course that it could not compare to the quote of some residential movers Queens. It is really hard to give you a number like this since every move is unique. But have in mind that the average moving costs for a local move will be in a range of $600-$1700 if you hire movers. That way you know that you can’t expect a long-distance move to be any cheaper than $1000. It can be only more expensive, depending on the location and also additional services you would like to use.

What you should ask your movers?

You should tell your movers about your situation and also expect them to receive some questions, too. Long distance movers Brooklyn have many experiences in this area and they will know just the right information they need from you. Still, there are things you should have in mind and ask them when you get a chance.

question mark - guide for long distance move
Our guide for long distance move offers questions you should ask your movers.
  • Ask them if they have a guide for a long distance move that could help you;
  • What are the forms of payment they could accept from you;
  • What will be charged extra;
  • How they will protect all your belongings during the move;
  • Will they give you a copy of the inventory they made?

Stay organized

This is the point of our guide for a long-distance move that you just shouldn’t skip. Being organized is always welcome, but when it comes to a long-distance move, it is essential. Ask your movers if they have some list that you can lean on to help you put down all those tasks. If that is the case, it will be helpful, but have in mind that residential movers Bronx will not be able to provide a list that will cover all your needs. You will have to put down everything that you are about to do and that will take some time.

The lists

So you should go even further and make several lists. One will be of all the best moving companies in NYC you think you will be interested in. The other is for all the tasks you are about to do. If you have a chance to delegate some tasks to other people, write that down, too. And do not forget to make a list of things that should be done on a moving day. You can even add a timeline to know that everything flows as planned.

writing down
Make lists to help you get organized.


Have in mind that moving will be time-consuming for you. You probably have to continue to work and have some family obligations that are going on. And in the midst of that all, you should pack and plan your relocation. A long-distance one, to another part of the state or even to another state or continent. So it is normal that you will need time for that all. Having a timeline can be very beneficial and help you to avoid procrastination. But that timeline must be realistic. The worst you can do is to add some more stress that way to yourself.

Let’s talk numbers in this guide for long distance move

Every year 9.8 percent of Americans move somewhere else. About 60 percents do that during the warmest part of the year, from May to August. The majority of Americans are moving nearby. Even more than 53 percent move even less than 50 miles away. Just about 14 percent are relocating 1,000 miles or more away from their previous home. If you are among the people who are moving long-distance, you can expect that it will take somewhere between 2 and 22 days. Yes, it can last for weeks, so arm yourself with patience and prepare well.

The things not to move long distance

You maybe didn’t expect that there are things we would advise you to skip moving. But, there are. And those are your pieces of furniture. Think about it. Furniture is almost always really large and bulky. Your movers will have to use equipment and skills to take it out to a moving truck and do the same dance once they got it at your new home. That will be charged extra. But even more, your check will be calculated due to the weight of the load you have. So sit down, do the math and decide is profitably to move pieces of furniture or just to buy other ones when you move. This of course doesn’t apply if you have some rare collections or antique pieces that are really valuable. But in every other case, you can sell what you have now and earn some money on that.

Moving long distances is a perfect time for decluttering

When you decide to start fresh somewhere else, that is just the perfect opportunity to decide what are the things you want to take with yourself. We all tend to save many things much longer than we need them. And much longer than we use them. So this is just the perfect time to change that. And since this is a guide for long distance move, it has to be underlined.

Make different categories, what you want to move with yourself, what you like to sell, donate or recycle. And just go one by one thing in your home and put them in one of those categories. Try not to be selfish about your stuff that often has an emotional value that is way higher than usable. Someone else could benefit from having that, and honestly, you will be happy knowing that your things are put to good use.

Start packing as soon as possible

Once you put all your things in categories, start packing. But really, you can never start packing too early. Everything you can, just pack now. This is especially true for places and areas that tend to hold things. We mean on attics, basements, closets, and spaces like that. These are the places that will probably need some serious decluttering. And we get that you can’t start from packing your clothes, but they’re still are some things that you can pack today. You will never regret this decision, so start packing as soon as possible.

Moving day checklist is an important part of our guide for long distance move

Among many lists that you could and will make, the moving day checklist is probably the most important one. You can expect that when that day comes, everything will be in a rush, so just do this. Write down now all the things you want to avoid. And everything you don’t want to miss. The list you can change and add something to it since you are in the moving process. But make sure that it is in front of you when that day comes. These are the things you can add to it:

  • Put close a guide for a long distance move;
  • Check every room twice;
  • Prepare everything for your movers;
  • Give them all the information they have to know;
  • Guide them to your new home.

    two people writing down things - guide for long distance move
    Moving day checklist is an important part of our guide for long distance move.

Ship your car

If you are moving long-distance, you will maybe have to go by plane or some other way of transportation. So you will have to ship your car to a new location. There are many companies that will pick up and move your car for you. You may want to put some of your things in that car and send them with it. That way you will avoid the additional stress of a long drive. But not only that, you will avoid adding mileage to your car.

Ask for moving insurance

Last, but not least important thing you have to take care of is to decide: do you need moving insurance? There are many different kinds of insurance that you can involve in your move. Ask your movers what those are and how to choose what is the best for you. There are many different things that can occur during the move, and you probably want all your things to stay safe and undamaged. So make sure to have all the information before you decide what is best for you.

Did our guide for long distance move help you?

We are wondering if our guide for long distance move helped you. And we do hope that this is true. If you are still reading this, you have a much clearer vision of how your long-distance move could look like, what are the things you should do first and what are the questions you should ask your movers. Don’t do this complex move by yourself. Find help whenever you have a chance. Include your friends and family members who are willing to help. This is a huge step in your life and they will probably want to be part of it all. And you will also feel the benefits of it, for sure.

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