Great ways to spend family time on Staten Island after the move

After a long and tiring moving process, the best next thing is to relax and enjoy yourself. Moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. That’s why after the whole process, there is nothing better than to spend some much-needed family time together. This is the exact reason why we at Best Movers NYC have decided to share some of the best ways to spend family time on Staten Island.

A view of New York City

About Staten Island

Staten Island is widely known for its abundance of beautiful green parks. There are many museums to choose from and historical buildings. Additionally, the borough is called the “borough of parks” because of its numerous natural spaces. The island covers an area of almost 59 square miles, yet it is the least populated NYC borough. For those more interested in outdoor life and fresh air, Staten Island is the perfect location. Your chosen residential movers in Staten Island will help you relocate to your perfect new forever home.

Staten Island will be the perfect location to start your new life. So, let’s get into the ways to spend family time in Staten Island that will provide the perfect bonding experience.

St. George

For your little ones, a ride on the Staten Island Ferry might be one of the best ways to spend family time on Staten Island. The ride lasts around 25 minutes. The crisp air on the water, the view of Lady Liberty, it’s all a wonder to see. The best time to go on the ride is near the sunset, so you can all enjoy it together.

Additionally, St. George Day Festival in April is quite the occasion. The Staten Island Museum is located very close to the Ferry Terminal. It’s rich in science, art, and history. The Hall of Natural Science has a variety of fossils and other animals. The best thing about it? Your kids can enjoy the learning for free!

Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden

Another one of the loveliest ways to spend family time in Staten Island is visiting Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden. The premises of Snug Harbor Cultural Center are so vast and it could take days to explore them. There are many attractions including the Rose Garden, or the Carl Grillo Glass House, the Healing Garden. They are all beautiful to see and enjoy together with your family. Not only are the sights breathtaking, but your children will love being in the fresh air. Additionally, there is a lot of space to enjoy a picnic if this is something you and your family would find enjoyable.

A woman taking pictures in the botanical garden
The beauty of a botanical garden will sweep you off your feet.

You should check in with them from time to time since they offer different seasonal events. Each is better than the previous, we promise!

Carousel for all Children

NYC is full of carousels all over. There is nothing children love more than a fun carousel ride. The Carousel for all Children is one of the biggest and loveliest in Staten Island. Be sure to check it out!

Trampoline Park

Staten Island is home to one of the largest trampoline parks, Fly High. Fly High is an indoor sports gym that offers wall-to-wall trampolines near the center of Staten Island the size of a basketball court. Could you imagine how happy your children will be to bounce off the walls and let out all of their energy?

Perhaps the best part is that the trained staff will look over your children, while you and your significant other go for a cup of coffee or a lunch date. Talk about two birds with one stone!

Some of the best movers in Staten Island are available for your relocation. Don’t be afraid to look over all of your options and arrive at the one perfect for you. The right movers won’t hesitate to answer all of your questions, regarding the move, or Staten Island itself.

A child using a trampoline
A wonderful way to allow your kids to let off some steam is in the trampoline park.

Historic Richmond Town

The Historic Richmond Town is an amazing attraction. This huge area is like traveling through time. The things you can see in Richmond Town date back to the 1600s. Even though you can look through the premises on your own, our suggestion is to choose one of the admission tours. With old taverns, houses, and much more to look through, every member of your family will find something of interest. Look through all of the tours they offer, and choose the one most suited to your tastes. The good news is that there is a plethora to choose from, so you can even go a few times.

Finding the best long-distance movers in Staten Island will make sure our arrival is timely and safe. The easiest part is exploring and enjoying the wonders of Staten Island. The complicated part is to get to Staten Island in one piece. So, be sure you’ve chosen the right people to help you in your relocation.

Staten Island Zoo

Among all of the amazing zoos in NYC, Staten Island Zoo offers amazing programs for children. It’s a compact structure and perfect for small children. You can head across the Verrazano, or take the ferry to see all of the lovely animals. What’s amazing about the zoo is that it offers both indoor and outdoor exhibits. The most popular among the indoor exhibits in the aquarium. A lot of the animals are placed in enclosures closer to the ground than usual, so your little ones can have a wonderous interactive experience with the friendlier animals. Through a completely safe glass barrier, of course.

The exhibit we recommend you don’t skip out on is the bats. Their enclosure resembles a cave with rocks and is lit with an authentic flickering lantern. The bats fly around in the shadows making the cave experience all the more realistic. Your little ones could be nervous at first, but we are sure they will be captivated moments after.

Now that we’ve mentioned all our favorite ways to spend family time on Staten Island, we hope you’ll choose one among them. Have fun!

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