Best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers

Living in NYC can get quite overwhelming for most people. It is only natural that you want to change your environment from time to time, as well. And you might want to get away from New York weather. Thus, Florida presents itself as one of the most suitable states to relocate to. But before you can hire a moving company to relocate your belongings, something that Best Movers NYC can assist you with, you will want to choose your city carefully. We have prepared a list of the 5 best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers for you, so you will have an easier time deciding.

5 best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers

Without any further ado, here are the top contenders:

  • Orlando
  • Naples
  • Tampa
  • Miami
  • Palm Beach

Each city was chosen for this list because it offers something unique. Whether it is Miami’s nightlife, career opportunities of Tampa, or laid-back Orlando environment, these cities can either make you feel right at home or offer something completely different. It all depends on what your relocation goals are. Let’s check out what each city has to offer.

a beach, symbolizing best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers
Moving to Florida will allow you to spend a lot more of your time on a beach.


Starting off with Orlando, the city of culture. What makes Orlando stand out on this list is its unique laid-back atmosphere. City’s people enjoy simply cruising the streets and enjoying the cultural attractions. You will be amazed at how different it is from the ever-present rush of New York. Furthermore, there are numerous beaches that can provide you with surfing and relaxing opportunities. Moving from NYC to Orlando is an adventure, as you will be able to discover something new every day. And the locals are quite welcoming of new arrivals, as well. You will be able to make new friends without much effort. But that is not something that is unique to Orlando, though, the entire state of Florida is exceedingly friendly and tolerant.

One of the unassuming best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers – Naples

Next up, Naples! This is a perfect place to raise a family since it is much less expensive than living in NYC. There are amazing schools that you can enroll your kids in, and the crime rate is quite low. If you are looking to simply settle down and enjoy a life of leisure, Naples is the city to be in. It might not have the amenities of some of the other cities on our list but it makes up for them with its own personal charm. It is truly one of the best places to relocate to in the state and a perfect fit for a New Yorker who wants to simply take it easy.

There are numerous golf courses in the city, available throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity to consider enjoying a resort-style life, if only for a time. You can get bundled packages, as well as equity memberships, so check them out when you arrive.

Naples marina
If you are looking for a laid-back lifestyle, Naples might be perfect for you.


The city of Tampa is perfectly suited for young professionals who want to make a name for themselves. Companies that operate within the city are always on the lookout for young talent and offer exceptional career opportunities. Moving from NYC to Tampa might mean that you will work even harder, though. The competition is quite strong and people are always trying to prove themselves. But with hard work come plentiful rewards, and Tampa is one of the cities that knows how to reward its professionals. Of course, there are numerous other advantages to the city but nothing that will come as a huge surprise, coming from NYC.

Except for festivals. There is no such thing as “festival season” in Tampa, there is something going on all the time. The weather allows for activities all year round so it makes a lot of sense. There’s the Sunset Music Festival, Mac & Cheese Throwdown (a personal favorite), the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, and many, many, more. Overall, it is an extremely diverse city that knows how to have fun.

Miami – one of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers

But if you are looking for fun, there’s only one place in entire Florida that can top NYC’s nightly entertainment. Miami. Aside from all the regular activities that you might be used to, you will have access to beach parties. If you’ve never been to one, get ready for a real treat! Let’s just say that you’ve been missing out on a lot. Moving from NYC to Miami will also provide you with some other opportunities. For one, taxes are lower. But this is not Miami-exclusive, though. Food is also absolutely amazing. While you could get your hands on almost any food in NYC, you are still going to be amazed at Miami’s selection. 

But the most important factor that you need to think about is that Miami is consistently ranked as one of the happiest cities to work in the entire US. Every culture is welcome here, which makes work a lot more enjoyable. However, the job market is not that competitive. You will need to adjust to lower wages, as well as learn a bit of Spanish. But once you do, you are going to be a happy as a kitten with a ball of yarn!

a sky view of Miami
Miami is the center of nightlife entertainment in Florida.

Palm Beach

The last, but definitely not the least, city (or town) on our list is Palm Beach. This is the “luxury” option, as some of the richest people in Florida live here. If you like the feel of expensive shopping destinations, as well as upscale life opportunities, this is one of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers to be in. It is easy to fall in love with the place, as everything is simply phenomenal. However, you will need a considerable monthly income to enjoy most of what it has to offer. But if you can manage it, the opportunity to create some really powerful connections simply cannot be underestimated.

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