Best NYC neighborhoods for expats

So, you’re an ex-pat who has to move to New York City because of your work requirements. We are going to tell you about the best NYC neighborhood for ex-pats. If you are looking to move to a new neighborhood in this city, then we must suggest that you read on some of our suggestions. These neighborhoods have been deemed as one of the best for people who need to relocate to and work in New York. This all comes down to your personal preferences and needs, though. That’s why you will also need to do research by yourself in order to experience full satisfaction. There are many neighborhoods in this city. They all have their pros and cons, and some are better for others depending on their personal needs and requirements. Here are some of the best neighborhoods and Best Movers NYC is here to help you relocate.

Best NYC neighborhoods for ex-pats include the ones you can afford

First and foremost, we must mention the fact that rent is usually very expensive in NYC. Since this is, arguably, the most popular city in the world, it’s only logical that the rent prices are going to be high. That’s why you should always focus on finding an affordable place to live first. If you find a very good price for an apartment to rent in an area where you weren’t initially interested in, we recommend that you check it out. Chances are that you will find it difficult to match that price again in the near future.

A person calculating which of the Best NYC neighborhoods for expats is the most affordable
Affordability is something you should most definitely think about when choosing among the Best NYC neighborhoods for ex-pats

Finding cheap apartments to live in NYC can be difficult. If you manage to do so, we suggest that you get in touch with residential movers in NYC with the help of the Best Movers NYC platform. You will be able to look through and compare between the best moving companies in the business so you can save even more money while moving. Being able to learn how to budget your finances is incredibly important if you are going to be living in New York. It is an expensive place to live in, but you probably already know that. Saving money wherever you can allow you to assimilate better.


We can’t start making our list of the best neighborhoods for ex-pats without mentioning Manhattan first. It is the epicenter of corporate action, and if you are someone who likes to be in the center of the action, we must recommend that you move here. You will be able to live in the most career-friendly environment in the world. Many people tend to hire movers in Manhattan so they can come to Manhattan, and for a good reason too. Most big companies and businesses are located here, so chances are that you will be very close to your work. We must mention that Manhattan is also one of the more expensive neighborhoods to move to. If you can afford to move here, then there is simply no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Manhattan is beautiful and filled with things to do in your free time.

Manhattan has been deemed as simply one of the best neighborhoods for people who are trying to climb through the corporate ranks


When we’re talking about a place where you will be able to find an apartment to rent for a lot cheaper price than Manhattan, then we must suggest that you look up moving companies Brooklyn so you can relocate to Brooklyn. This is also one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. We can most definitely see why that is. While there are a lot of companies located here, there is also so much to do in your free time. Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, you will be able to entertain yourself very easily if you end up coming here. When you’re not working, you will want to be able to enjoy the place you are living in, and we believe that Brooklyn will be able to allow you that. We seriously consider that you think about moving here.

Moving to Brooklyn will allow you to live in an urban neighborhood with cheaper prices

The Bronx

Even though the stigmatization of this neighborhood fails to decrease dramatically, the Bronx is a very good place for an ex-pat to hire Bronx local movers. Apart from having cheap rent prices, you will also be able to experience a very friendly neighborhood where. There are many cultural groups residing here. If you are someone who appreciates diversity when it comes to the place they live in, then we recommend that you look into coming to the Bronx. Many ex-pats have been moving here because of this reason alone. This is because people want to be able to find other people from the same culture if they end up moving internationally for work. It is a lot easier to accommodate yourself in a new environment if you have something or someone to relate to. That’s why the Bronx can be the perfect place for you to relocate to.


If you’re looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for ex-pats where you won’t be in the center of attention, then you should think about moving to Queens. Located outside the city, you will be able to reside in a more peaceful environment, which is something a lot of people tend to want when they relocate to New York. Queens is the home to many ex-pats because of this. You will have a very easy commute for your work, which is pivotal. In New York, you will have to learn how to manage your time more efficiently if you don’t wish to be late on many occasions. Time management is a lot easier if you are in a place where there isn’t a lot of traffic or people in general. We believe that this is the reason that many people hire Queens movers so they can come here.

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