Must-visit Staten Island spots

Whether you’re a native or you just moved here, there are some must-visit Staten Island spots that should be on your itinerary. Most people look at it as just one of the lesser-known New York boroughs, but it is so much more. It’s interesting to know that the history of Staten Island dates back to the early European colonizers. Dutch settlers gave this city its name, Staten Island, and its identity. Nowadays, the city has a wide variety of parks as well as cultural happenings, slowly becoming a hot spot in NY. We have chosen some of the must-visit spots for you to consider when in Staten Island.

Historic Richmond Town

The first on our must-visit spots in Staten Island is Historic Richmond Town. The city officials wanted to honor this historic landmark so they opened a museum in 1935 and ever since then, this site has been growing. All of the nearby old houses and land have been restored and serve as a rare glimpse into the past. Today, in Historic Richmond Town you can visit the old jailhouse, houses of several renowned citizens, a Dutch church and so much more. In the experience of some of the best local movers in Staten Island, if you’re a history buff, then you’ll love walking through this historic monument.

Fort Wadsworth

Continuing on the history side of Staten Island, we come across Fort Wadsworth. In the 17th century, Dutch settlers were afraid of foreign attacks and wanted to build fortifications to protect themselves. That’s how Fort Wadsworth came to life and to this day stays one of the oldest military constructions. An interesting fact is that New York marathons start from this exact spot. So that’s why this spot is so popular with city hikers and bikers. If you’ve just finished moving in, this is the spot that Staten Island long distance movers recommend because you can just sit, relax and enjoy the view of New York Harbor.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center

The last spot on our list of historic must-see spots of Staten Island is Snug Harbor Cultural Center. It was built somewhere in the 19th century as a retirement home for sailors. Since then it has changed its purpose and grown as an arts center. With its variety of buildings, with styles varying from classic to Greek revival to contemporary, this is a perfect place for those who are interested in architecture. Besides its buildings, this cultural center is popular for its botanical gardens. Within this place, there is a diverse type of arranging gardens, which drew inspiration from China, England, and many more.

Celebration of Chinese New Year with a big flashy dragon
Snug Harbor is a place for anyone looking to have fun at exciting events while exploring great architecture

Staten Island Museum

Staten Island Museum has in recent years settled within the walls of Snug Harbor Cultural Center. This museum has one of the longest histories in Staten Island, that’s why it is a need-to-visit spot. It has diverse collections, from archival records of the history of Staten Island to natural science specimens, like the large mastodon. Of course, this museum is keeping with the times, so many of its exhibitions are about climate change, residential issues, local art, and many important current themes.

Staten Island Children’s Museum

Finishing up the tour of Snug Harbor Cultural Centre, there is also something for the youngest member of the family. Most of the residential movers in Staten Island suggest this spot because it was built by the parents for the parents. The motto of this museum is that we all need to nurture the children’s imagination and their constant need for learning. So whenever you visit the museum, their grounds are full of interactive shows, where kids can learn about the world around them. They can also be included in interesting study groups, based on their age.

Greenbelt Nature Center

If you like nature, this open space must-visit Staten Island spot is known for its richness in flora and fauna. You can take a hike through its 2,800 acres and most likely see some of the most various and protected animal species. If you’re a running enthusiast, this is a perfect place since all of the parks are sectioned in trails, based on the difficulty of the terrain. Also, you can visit a lot of workshops happening in the park, where you can learn how to plant seeds, how to gather and process some of the plants, etc. This is the place where you can escape the hectic city rhythm and just be in tune with nature.

St. George Theatre

If you’re in the mood for an old-fashioned theatre house, look no further than St. George Theatre. Built-in the turbulent year of Crash of 29, it was one of the must-visit Staten Island spots of the era. An interesting fact is that this theatre started as a vaudeville, moved to theater and movie shows, and at one point served as a nightclub! The interior of this theatre is astounding, with its Baroque-inspired architecture, and ornamental iron and glass work. Because of its nearly perfect acoustic, you can hear almost everything. If you’re new to the Staten Island scene and need a laugh, the best movers in Staten Island propose you book tickets for numerous stand-up shows.

Rows of old theatre seats
Treat yourself to a night in the theatre

Hip places to visit

For all of you millennials and gen Z, there are a lot of other low-key places for you to visit. Here is a list of quirky and offbeat must-visit Staten Island spots:

  • The Flagship Brewing Company: for all beer enthusiasts, grab a cold Ale or IPA and relax
  • Enoteca Maria: enjoy grandma cooking from all over the world. Each night a different nonna is making a meal from their home country
  • Booze History Museum: This museum provides an almost complete history of everything related to drinking.
  • Mount Loretto Beach Rock Garden: one man passion turned into a must-see beach art
  • Kreischer Mansion: If you’re a fan of true crime stories and old houses, this is a place to see
Staten Island ferry and New York in the background
Staten Island has a lot to offer on its shores

Go out and explore some of the must-visit Staten Island spots

Well, we have given you a lot to think about. If it’s your first time, Best Movers NYC suggests you first visit all the must-visit Staten Island spots and get to know the island. For Staten Island natives maybe it’s time to explore some of the hidden spots. Because of this, Staten Island certainly has the best of both worlds at your disposal.

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