Best Beaches in Staten Island for Families

If you are a New York resident, you are probably tired of hustle and bustle of the big city. If you are dreaming of a weekend getaway, be sure that the New York area offers plenty of opportunities. Driving up north to enjoy a sandy beach is not mandatory. One of the five boroughs offers great weekend leisure activities. The renowned company for movers Best Movers NYC will help you find the best beaches in Staten Island for families. Find out how to have a great day at the beach without having to travel far.

Best beaches in Staten Island for families

Being the least populated of the NY borrows, Staten Island offers vast outdoor space. It lays in the southwest across New York Bay. From the Manhattan side of the bay, you can reach it by the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry offers a magnificent view of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan, so the very trip to Staten Island is enjoyable. The area boasts various activities, and you can even find the best local movers Staten Island has to offer. This borough is famous for the fourth-longest boardwalk in the world, the famous FDR Boardwalk, and its sandy beaches. If you plan on a family day trip, here are the best beaches to choose from:

  • South Beach
  • Midland Beach
  • Wolfe’s Pond
  • Great Kills Park and Beach
  • Fort Wadsworth
a street of New York
Crowd and traffic of the city can be overwhelming at times

South Beach

The former beach colony with bungalows, South Beach is probably the most frequented beach in the area. It is great for walking and bike riding along the 2.1-mile-long promenade. Also, photography lovers will be able to capture the magnificent view of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Although the entire shoreline sustained damage during Hurricane Sandy, it is starting to return to its previous state. However, swimming and sunbathing is not always the main reason why people gladly come to this place. A multitude of firework shows and free concerts that take place here will astonish every visitor. Also, there are numerous ways to keep your kids occupied. There are ball fields, playgrounds, and a fishing pier. This borough offers some great services too. If you are moving to this area from afar, be sure that the long-distance movers Staten Island have been at the top of the game.

Midland Beach

In the vicinity of South Beach, there is another place that offers amusing outdoor activities. Midland Beach boasts a multitude of features that family people fancy. Kids can freely run through the Sea Turtle Fountain or play sports on one of the playgrounds. Also, there is a great barbecue spot and plenty of parking space. Midland Beach is famous for the Back to the Beach Celebrations festival that features live music, sandcastle building activities, and many more entertaining events.

a pier on Staten Island
Pier, barbecue spots, vast parking lots, playgrounds, and hiking trails are some of the many perks Staten Island offers

Wolfe’s Pond

If you are visiting Wolfe’s Pond, you are in for a unique beach experience. An extremely clean beach area filled with marine wildlife is one of the many perks of this part of Staten Island shore. This beach also offers plenty of outdoor activities, a barbecuing area, an outdoor hockey rink, and a fishing pier. It has been a popular recreational spot ever since the early 1900s. Wolfe’s Pond is surely the best-kept secret of New York, as it is secluded and not very crowded, which makes it a great place for a weekend getaway. Swimming is not allowed before 10 am and after 6 pm, as the lifeguards are off duty during those hours. The same goes for all New York public beaches, which makes people feel safe and protected. What makes Wolfe’s Pond stand out from other beaches is the abundance of seaweed and marine life.

Great Kills Park and Beach

After you choose the best residential movers Staten Island offers and settle in, remember there is a large number of daily trip spots to choose from. One of the popular ones is Great Kills Park. The activities you can perform here are endless – hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and many more. Apart from the usual beach activities, there are also some unique ones. Great Kills Park offers a model airplane field. Also, ranger-led programs are available all year round. The parking is free of charge and the beach boasts changing rooms and showers. The whole park consists of four beaches – New Dorp Beach, Cedar Grove Beach, Oakwood Beach, and Fox Beach. Owing to a large number of various bird species that nest here, the entire shoreline attracts birdwatchers.

a person running along the beach
Staten Island Beaches offer opportunities for various activities, apart from swimming and sunbathing

Cedar Grove Beach is a very popular destination for families with kids. It is the main beach of the Great Kills Park. It used to be a bungalow colony and it is considered one of the city’s latest beaches. A view of the Manhattan Bridge makes this place a chic and attractive photography spot. Locals often come to this beach as it is smaller and more private than South Beach or Midland Beach.

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsworth boasts one of the oldest military facilities in the US. One can learn a lot about history while enjoying nature and a great view over the New York Harbor. The beach is large and sandy, just like other main beaches on Staten Island. This beach is a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area offering various recreational activities for visitors.

Plan a perfect weekend on Staten Island

If you wish to unwind over the weekend, find out all about the best beaches in Staten Island for families. This will relieve you of a great post-relocation tension that lingers after having one of the most intense life events. Staten Islands is easily accessible by various means of transportation and is very popular among New Yorkers. Spending a day surrounded by nature recharges your batteries and prepares you for another week in the city.

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