Benefits of commuting from NJ to NYC

Question of whether one should live in the same place where they work or if they should commute is very common these days. People often have this dilemma and commuting from NJ to NYC isn’t a small thing. People need to observe the situation from all sides and they will be able to make a decision. It’s common for people to be indecisive about all that stuff but the more you prolong the situation the more money you will lose. Opt for commuting and you will save a lot of money.

NJ offers much cheaper rents than NYC and anyone can find decent housing. Not to mention the taxes. They are way lower in New Jersey than in NYC. All these facts will make a rational person opt for commuting as a reasonable choice.

Why are people usually commuting from NJ to NYC?

Well, to be fair, there is more than just one answer to this question. If you want a career and if you are trying to earn a fair amount of money, NYC is a place where you will be able to find a job and do exactly that. However, a big portion of what you earn you will have to spend on the rent. NYC rents are crazy high and living expenses are high as well. Also, if you hate traffic, noise and love quiet areas where you can find your own peace, relocating to NJ with Best Movers NYC is the choice for you.

And, just by paying a lower amount of money for your rent, you will be able to save a lot and afford other things. That is probably the main reason why people choose commuting from NJ to NYC rather than renting a place in the city. There is a kind of a rule people of NY like to follow – you will always find a better deal in NJ when it comes to housing.

New York from air.
Commuting from NJ to NYC will give you a chance to enjoy the best of both areas.

How to decide if you should start commuting from NJ to NYC?

Well, one thing is sure. It’s definitely a hard decision you can’t make in a few minutes. So, let us try to be useful before you hire your long distance movers to transport you. You need to think about what you want from the future, your life expectations, and your long-term goals. Ask yourself if you see yourself living in the same place 10 years from now. Are you willing to commute from NJ to NYC on an everyday basis? Is that going to make you satisfied? Moving can be a really stressful process, but it’s a nice experience. So, think everything through step by step and make sure that you made the right choice. Of course, if you don’t adapt to NJ, you can always come back to NYC, but it would be nice to avoid spending more money when the goal is to save it.

Commuting from NJ to NYC will provide you with affordable housing

As mentioned previously, if you decide to relocate to NJ, you need to be okay with commuting from NJ to NYC on a daily basis. There are quite a lot of ways to reach NYC from NJ, but you still need to understand that you won’t enjoy some benefits that you enjoyed in NYC anymore. Prices are really solid in NJ and you will be able to afford a bigger and much better place to live in than you could in NYC. The difference in the prices is really big and you only notice it after you move. You will get a far better deal, even if you have to freshen up the place a bit.

So, when you compare the pros and cons, prices outweigh certain luxuries you could enjoy in NYC. You have everything else you need in NJ and a better place for living. NJ is one of the places New Yorkers are moving to. It’s cozier, much cheaper, and probably in a much quieter neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to relocate if you want to live a comfortable life.

People are exiting and entering the subway.
Using a train to commute can be a great way to reduce your expenses.

How can someone reach NYC from NJ?

There are many ways to reach NYC when commuting from NJ to NYC. The main three ways you should use are these:

  1. Ferry
  2. NJ Transit Trains
  3. PATH Subway

You probably used all of them before and you know how available all these options are. Not to mention how low the prices are. But, just in case here is some of the most important info on all three of them that you should know.

A man is counting money.
You will save up a lot and get a chance to live in a much nicer place.

NJ Transit trains are a great way to get to NYC

The price for the train is between $6 and $15, which makes it really affordable. Keep in mind that it isn’t available 24 hours but it is adjusted to the commuters. But non the less, you will need between half an hour and an hour to reach NYC. Although a big number of people, if not the majority, use this way for commuting from NJ to NYC, it is not really the fastest way to get somewhere.

The ferry is a nice thing to try when commuting

The ferry is actually a quite famous way to reach NYC. You will need no more than 15 minutes, but don’t forget that ferries can be often a little bit late and inaccurate. You can’t predict how the sea will act so a lot depends on that. It’s also important that they are not always available. The price for the ferry is relatively low and it’s around $10 for adults. If for no other reason, try it and you will enjoy the adventure of riding on a ferry.

PATH Subway is great for commuting from NJ to NYC

The Subway is one of the fastest as well as one of the cheapest ways to reach NYC after your local movers relocate you to NJ. It’s ridiculous when you compare it to buses, taxis and other ways of transport. And the best part is – it is available for the biggest part of the day and night. The price is no more than just $3, and you can reach NYC in around 25 minutes.

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