Average moving costs in NYC

New York, New York – the city where everyone wants to be or want to leave. It’s magnificent and it’s a jungle, so this city is not just for everyone and probably not the best choice for every phase of your life. So if you decided to make a big move and relocate your home from or to New York, you should really get some help. Try to find the best movers NYC has to offer and partner up with them as soon as possible. They will answer all your questions, even what are the average moving costs in NYC.

So many different services

The moving market is so competitive these days, so there is something for everyone. Whatever your situation is, we guarantee that your movers will give you a few options. And at least the one will suit you perfectly. That is especially true if you are going far away. Long distance movers NYC will offer amazing help and support during this period. You will be so content to have them.

moving man smiling
There are so many services to choose from.

But don’t think that you don’t need help if you are moving just to the other area of the city. Every move is complex and has its specifics. Residential movers NYC will charge far less than long-distance ones. And that is quite logical. Moving to the city that is so alive as New York can be really tricky. But if you hire a good moving company, you won’t feel it at all.

What are the average moving costs in NYC?

Of course that you have to set aside some moving budget. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. You are the one who decides which tasks will save to do them by yourself and which ones will release to your movers. Commercial movers NYC will give you an offer that is undeniable correct. And since anything can happen during the relocation, movers will know how to solve every problem. And that is so worthy of the price.

Modest living affects average moving costs in NYC

Competitive real estate markets such as New York are mostly filled with 700 square feet apartments or less. More than half of NYC live in a studio or a small one-bedroom apartment that is about 300-600 square feet in size. That requires very modest living when it comes to the number of things that a person possesses. This so-called shoebox experience has its advantages. One of them is that no one is able to accumulate too much furniture. That means that local movers Manhattan don’t have a lot to do. In addition, the costs of moving won’t be that high at all.

small apartment - average moving costs in NYC
Modest living affects average moving costs in NYC.

If you are moving from a modest apartment and you want to hire professional movers, they will probably send two people who could do the job quickly and efficiently. You could expect to pay between $400 and $750 for the services of local movers NYC. And this will depend on the conditions and some additional services you choose.

What will require additional costs?

If you hire commercial movers Manhattan asks them to tell you about additional costs. You will have them if you want to use some additional services from your movers, like packing and unpacking. But average moving costs in NYC can be enlarged by challenges that movers have to face. If they have to use stairs instead of a service elevator, or they have to move a piece of oversized furniture, you will have to pay some more. A one-bedroom apartment that possesses more furniture will raise its cost somewhere between $600 and $1200 for a local move. Moving outside the five boroughs will be charged extra, too.

person holding money
You will have to pay extra some services.

Some moving companies’ advertisements say that you can book a mover for $60 and spend $300 for local movers Brooklyn. Have in mind that they didn’t count in some additional charges as fuel, insurance, tolls, or surprise elements, because it can happen that the day of the move has to be changed. With them you have to be extra careful, to check their Terms and Conditions and to ask all the key questions. You can get a headache if you jump in signing a contract with someone who is not reliable.

What about multi-room moves?

Everyone loves to have a special 2-3 bedroom apartment. But the truth is that they are full of so much more items. So logically, the average moving costs in NYC for those places will be higher. Those places often have one or more office setups and some additional wardrobes. Local movers Bronx will have much more to do, so they will have to send at least 3 movers and will charge somewhere between $1000 and $2000. If they have to use some special equipment, it will be even more.

For those of you who are moving from a 3-4 bedroom apartment, they will have to add some more. Local movers Queens will send 4 people or more to relocate you in a day. Costs would be $1500-$3500 and distance will influence the price, as much as stairs and some other handling needs. So calculate well all of those things that will make a change. The last thing you want is to be unpleasantly surprised by the amount of money you have to pay in the end. Do not hesitate to ask twice for all the information you need.


We’ve already mentioned that you can ask your movers to pack the things for you and they will charge this service extra. But even if you decide to do it by yourself, you have to get some packing material. And you want a high-quality one because the goal is to get your possessions undamaged at the new location. So put this in your financial plan. You also have some other options. That is to rent a plastic box. They are usually rented for a week and are waterproof which will be a great solution for some of your items. But they are not appropriate for everything. So the best solution is a combination of cardboard boxes and plastic bags or bins.

man and woman holding boxes
Get yourself some quality packing material.

Utilities and Connection

We would all want to have an impeccable move without disrupting any service that we are used to. That would mean avoiding interruption of your wi-fi connection and electricity. If you want to avoid it, you have to prepare well. Contact your service providers and request them to include move-in/out dates and ask about all changes that will be needed, as well as how much that will be charged.

For example, Spectrum in NYC will charge $9.99 for the moving fee. Some carriers could ask for a package change at your new home. It can also happen that your new building is wired differently than the old one. Even worse, the previous tenant may remove the Wi-Fi router and you will have to call a technician to place a new one. So don’t hesitate, call them well in advance and get all information.

Moving statistics in NYC

Even though the Big Apple is ever popular location, the statistic has changed in the past two years due to the pandemic that hit the world. For a few months in the spring of 2020, New York was an epicenter for Covid-19. So everyone who could try to leave as soon as possible. But it turned out that the majority of those people were the wealthiest among New Yorkers. If we exclude movers that are marked as temporary, we can say that the net out-migration from the city was higher by the estimated 130,837 people in the period from March 2020 till June 2021. This calculation is in comparison to the trends that existed pre-pandemic.


In the first few months of the pandemic, somewhere between March and May 2020, more than half of net movers from NYV were marked as temporary. So that suggested that those people were willing to come back to their homes. But since then, the situation has changed. Even 79 percent of net movers were marked as permanent.

woman with a mask - average moving costs in NYC
Pandemic affected average moving costs in NYC.

Who has left

The wealthiest neighborhoods have felt it the hardest because its residents were most likely to leave. And those moves were mostly recorded as temporary. The data changed since July 2021. Net gain showed 6,332 permanent movers. This data was indicating a gradual return to the city of New York. And that was mainly related to the neighborhoods that experienced the major flight. Over the summer, the largest net gain was in Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, and Midtown.

Return to the NYC

September 2021 brought the opening of New York City public schools and colleges. Learning in-person was again possible. The city government and some other employers called their workers back to the office. Even Broadway curtains rose after a year and a half of shutdown. And of course, these events improved migration back to the city. This was noticeable especially in those neighborhoods that had the most departure in the spring of 2020.

new york - average moving costs in nyc
Did you learn about the average moving costs in NYC?

So overall look is that from June to September 2021 the city lost a net of 39,961 in residential movers. And we notice some improvement from a net loss of 40,494 in 2019. Together all 14 city neighborhoods outperformed their trends pre-pandemic. So this is the good news for New York, which is again a hip place to live in.

Is it expensive to live in the Big Apple?

We have to be honest here. New York is the most expensive place in the state to live. And that is really true by far. Compared to Albany, the costs of living are 138% higher and even 165% higher than in Buffalo. Anyone can find its place in NYC, but you have to decide is worth the cost. For many people, the obvious answer is yes, but not for everyone. Living in this big, jungle city has its disadvantages, too.

What are the average costs for living in NYC?

Average living costs in NYC will vary depending on the neighborhood. But if you want to live comfortably as a resident, you will have to earn at least $12,135 monthly. And this is the number before paying taxes. Have in mind that this is pretty steep. If you want to live in some more affordable neighborhood, like the Bronx borough the number is different. Then, you will have to earn $5,379 before taxes. So, yes, there is a place for anyone who is willing to work. You will decide where you’ll live due to your salary.

Why is NY so popular?

So let’s see why is this place so popular. The fact is that this is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is so vibrant and always alive. It is full of exclusive shops, flashy Brodways performances, and high profiled businessmen. The city welcomed people from all over the world and for sure has a unique charm and vibe. And it is really beautiful. The state has beautiful mountain vistas and crystal clear lakes. Residents can enjoy many historic mansions and also some stunning monuments. Actually, every county in the state has a unique beauty.

Is NY the best-rated state?

Even it’s not ranked ad number 1, it is among the first three best states to live in. And the decision is made when five key dimensions were compared. Those are affordability, education and health, safety, quality of life, and economy.

Have you learned about average moving costs in NYC?

We have tried to create a detailed guide about average moving costs in NYC for you. And we listed a lot of information and many numbers that give you some perspective. If you are reading this, then you’re already well informed on the pandemic effect of moving in and from NYC. But one thing is sure. People are coming back and the city is alive again. So you will have all the advantages of living there. If you are just now at the begging of your road to thinking about moving there, take time to calculate if this city is perfect for you. Save some money for your relocation and for those first few months. Change is always exciting and this city won’t disappoint you for sure. But don’t rush things, do one thing at a time and finish all your preparations in advance.

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