An overview of lesser-known Queens neighborhoods

New York City, with its 8 million residents, is a patchwork of over 250 neighborhoods, each with something unique. While many are famously worldwide, fascinating lesser-known locales exist, some nestled within the borough of Queens. Those desiring to live below the radar seek out these secret havens, away from the hustle and bustle, yet still located within the city’s heart. This article provides an overview of lesser-known Queens neighborhoods, revealing unique underexplored enclaves. Whether you’re seeking diversity, peace, or a taste of undiscovered NYC, some of the best movers NYC has to offer can safely transport you to these unchartered territories. So, let’s discover Queens’ hidden gems, where the authentic spirit of New York thrives subtly.

There are many benefits to choosing one of the lesser-known Queens neighborhoods

Relocating to one of New York City’s lesser-known neighborhoods certainly has its advantages. To smoothly navigate this transition, enlisting the help of the best moving companies Queens can offer is a smart move. Among the numerous benefits of such a living arrangement, you will find:

  • Tranquility: Instead of constant crowds and noise, you’ll experience a quieter, more relaxed pace of life.
  • Community spirit: Small neighborhoods often foster a stronger sense of community, making you feel right at home.
  • Lower cost: Generally, these areas offer more affordable housing options without sacrificing comfort or accessibility.
  • Uniqueness: Lesser-known areas often hold hidden gems, from unique eateries to beautiful parks, waiting to be discovered.
  • Space: You’re likely to find more spacious living options, a rare find in the city’s mainstream neighborhoods.
Picture of a person reading an overview of lesser-known Queens neighborhoods
Living in NYC neighborhoods that are not popular brings lots of benefits.

Lesser-known Queens neighborhoods will make you question your moving decisions

Queens, one of New York City’s five boroughs, boasts a culturally-diverse population of over 2.3 million as of the last census. It’s spread over 108 square miles, indicating a population density of around 21,000 residents per square mile. This borough is divided into many vibrant neighborhoods, each carrying its distinct charm and character. Today, we will delve into some of the lesser-known Queens neighborhoods, which often remain unexplored yet are brimming with undeniable appeal. Our highlights include the following:

  • Rosedale
  • Roxbury
  • Seaside
  • Somerville
  • South Ozone Park


Located at the southeastern edge of Queens, Rosedale, a less explored yet characterful neighborhood, is home to various ethnicities and presents them with serene urban living. In 2020, the estimated population of Rosedale stood at around 22,000 residents, demonstrating an intricate weave of nationalities. Predominantly African-American (73.3%), it also harbors a substantial number of residents with Jamaican (12.4%), Guyanese (6.6%), and Haitian (3.8%) heritage, making it a mosaic of unique cultures.

Rosedale’s distinctive charm lies in its multiculturalism, reflected in its food scene, festivals, and traditions. For instance, Island Taste, a cozy eatery, offers a fusion of Caribbean and American cuisines, becoming a local favorite for its signature jerk chicken and oxtail stew.

Living in Rosedale embodies a blend of suburban tranquility and city convenience. The median home price hovers around $530,000, and the average rent for an apartment stands at $1,940 per month, according to 2023 data. Notably, Rosedale’s location near John F. Kennedy International Airport makes it an ideal spot for frequent travelers. Its accessibility is further enhanced by the neighborhood’s public transportation options, such as the Rosedale station on the Long Island Rail Road and numerous MTA bus lines.

Picture of the inside of an airport
Nevertheless, Rosedale is well connected to the other parts of NYC.

Green parks and safety are the perks of living in Rosedale

The community enjoys a balanced urban lifestyle with green spaces like Hook Creek Park offering residents a recreational haven for outdoor activities. Public safety is also a priority in the neighborhood, with its crime rate well below the national average, making it a secure and desirable place to live. The presence of local businesses, like the professional movers in Rosedale  NY, reinforces the sense of community. These homegrown enterprises, managed by individuals proud to call this neighborhood home, offer their services with local knowledge and neighborly care. From grocery stores to healthcare facilities, the neighborhood’s amenities cater to the daily needs of its residents.


Roxbury, NYC, is a neighborhood located on the Rockaway Peninsula, nestled initially by Irish immigrants. As a result, it has a higher White population than other Queens neighborhoods. It is a secluded residential neighborhood, and most of the residents here own their own homes. In terms of prices, they are pretty much aligned with the city’s average. When it comes to commuting, unfortunately, the area isn’t serviced by any subway lines. However, it is connected to the rest of the city by bus. Furthermore, the close proximity to Marine Pkwy Bridge makes it possible to travel by car.

Even though small, Roxbury is full of treasures

A key point of interest in Roxbury is its variety of hidden treasures. Culinary enthusiasts will be particularly pleased as the neighborhood offers many food options. In addition, those who appreciate the great outdoors will find solace at the nearby Riis Landing. Sports enthusiasts can spend their days at Roxbury Baseball or Soccer Field. Above all, safety remains a critical aspect of life in Roxbury. The neighborhood’s impressive commitment to providing a secure environment for its residents is commendable. Reliable movers Roxbury NY residents rely on are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of this neighborhood. With their help, residents can have a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

Picture of a park
Roxbury is an ideal choice for those who don’t like the noise.


Seaside stands as a tight-knit, lesser-known neighborhood with a distinct character. With a population of around 5,000, this small enclave predominantly attracts white-collar professionals, making it an ideal haven for those seeking a tranquil urban escape. Statistical data reveals that a remarkable 85% of residents do not have children, further emphasizing its unique demographic composition. In our overview of lesser-known Queens neighborhoods, this is a great neighborhood for those who want to enjoy peace. Its proximity to the coast adds an enchanting touch to the neighborhood, making it a hidden gem worth exploring. Furthermore, for those seeking a slice of serenity amidst the urban landscape, the sun-kissed beaches of Seaside offer just that.

Living in Seaside offers a blend of serenity and convenience, with an average home price of $500,000 and median rent around $2,200 per month. These figures, supported by statistics, reflect the affordability of this treasure. This, paired with the affordable services of Seaside NY movers, make for a transition to a new chapter without breaking the bank. Commuters can easily access the neighborhood through various transportation options. For instance, the A train serves the area, which connects residents to Manhattan in under an hour, enabling effortless travel to work and entertainment hubs. Additionally, the neighborhood’s safety record, with a crime rate 20% lower than the city average, adds to its appeal as a secure and welcoming community.

Picture of a sign
Even though less famous, Seaside attracts local talent from all over the city.


Arverne is a neighborhood located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. Situated along the southern coast of this borough, Arverne offers residents and visitors access to beautiful beaches, scenic views, and a relaxed coastal atmosphere. With a rich history and ongoing development, Arverne has become an increasingly popular destination in recent years.

The neighborhood of Arverne was originally developed in the late 19th century as a seaside resort area. It quickly became a popular destination for New Yorkers seeking a retreat from the bustling city. Grand hotels, amusement parks, and entertainment venues were built to cater to the growing number of vacationers. However, in the mid-20th century, as vacation trends shifted and urban decay set in, Arverne faced a period of decline.

In recent years, Arverne has experienced a revitalization and resurgence. Significant efforts have been made to redevelop the area and enhance its appeal as a residential and recreational destination. The neighborhood now offers a mix of residential housing, including both low-rise buildings and modern high-rise condominiums. Many of these properties take advantage of the area’s coastal location, providing stunning ocean views. Nowadays, the median home price stands at $455,160, whereas it costs approximately $1,731 to rent.

Arverne bustles with amenities

Arverne is known for its beautiful beaches, including the nearby Rockaway Beach. These stretches of shoreline attract both residents and visitors during the summer months, offering opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports. The Rockaway Boardwalk, which runs along the coast, provides a scenic path for walking, biking, and enjoying the ocean breeze.

The neighborhood also features a growing number of amenities and attractions. You can find many local businesses, shops, and restaurants  along the Rockaway Beach Boulevard and nearby streets. The Arverne by the Sea development project has brought new retail spaces, community facilities, and housing options to the area. Additionally, the nearby Riis Park offers further recreational opportunities with its beach, parkland, and historic Jacob Riis Bathhouse.

Arverne benefits from its convenient transportation connections. The A train, part of the New York City Subway system, provides direct access to Manhattan and other parts of Queens, making it accessible for residents and commuters. In terms of bus lines, residents can choose between riding Q22 and Q52-SBS. If this neighborhood looks suitable, know that the nearby Somerville NY movers can make it possible to relocate to the area. All you have to do is ask and they will come equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and experienced personnel.

South Ozone Park

South Ozone Park, NYC offers a vibrant living experience in a tight-knit community. If this is your thing, don’t hesitate to contact trustworthy South Ozone Park movers. With a population of approximately 46,000, this neighborhood boasts a rich demographic structure. Here you can find a blend of African American, Caribbean, and South Asian residents. Statistical data reveals that South Ozone Park showcases the true essence of cultural diversity.

When it comes to traditions and food, this neighborhood excels. Residents proudly celebrate the annual Diwali Festival, a colorful extravaganza featuring vibrant performances and mouthwatering South Asian delicacies. However, our sincere recommendation is to sample delectable Guyanese cuisine at Singh’s Roti Shop.

In terms of housing, South Ozone Park offers many options as well. The median home price stands at $580,827, while the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment costs around $1,848. Even though it might seem expensive, keep in mind that it is in NYC. Safety is a top priority in South Ozone Park.  Thanks to the diligent efforts of the local police precinct and engaged community members, this is a reality. South Ozone Park also harbors treats for shopping enthusiasts. If you take a stroll through the bustling Rockaway Boulevard, you’ll discover a plethora of specialty stores offering unique finds. Furthermore, transportation options are plentiful too, with the E and J subway lines serving the area. As a result, residents enjoy easy access to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and other parts of Queens.

Picture of a sweet potato dish served in one of the lesser-known Queens neighborhoods
In our overview of lesser-known Queens neighborhoods, the cuisine is one of the focal points.

Venture off-the-beaten-path and explore places not many have!

Queens, as one of the five essential puzzle pieces of NYC, is home to a multitude of distinct neighborhoods, from those well-known to those off the radar. While neighborhoods like Astoria and Jackson Heights often take the spotlight, there are several hidden gems that deserve more recognition. In this overview of lesser-known Queens neighborhoods, we have shone a light on the hidden treasures that may have been overlooked. From the serene streets of Rosedale to the diversity of South Ozone Park, each neighborhood has its own unique appeal. Exploring these untapped areas is an adventure in itself, allowing you to discover their hidden charms and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. So, if you’re seeking an off-the-beaten corner of Queens to call home, we hope this guide has pointed you in the right direction.



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