5 Reasons Living in Belmont is Amazing

Moving to a new part of town, or a new state requires a good amount of research beforehand. The best way to secure a good and safe relocation is to hire a professional moving company NYC to help you pack and prepare for the move. Moreover, in this article we will be providing five reasons why living in Belmont is amazing and what will you encounter in the neighborhood.

a picture of Fordham University in the boroughs of the Bronx
Fordham University is relatively close to the neighborhood for anyone who wishes to invest in their education

Belmont is a small neighborhood in the boroughs of the Bronx. It is an urban-suburban area with many different tastes for cuisine, culture, and shopping. This part of the city has been critical to the development of the whole area throughout history and is now an epicenter of many Italian and Mexican culture.

Perks of living in Belmont

Belmont is also known as Little Italy. From the 1800s this part of the city was home to many Italian, German, and Irish immigrants who helped build the famous Arthur Avenue which is the main street of the neighborhood today. The population of the neighborhood is diverse, with a majority of the population being Caucasian, followed by African-American and Asian populations. Solely because of this statistic, Belmont is a great place for any food enthusiasts, shopaholics, and hedonists.

  1. Belmont is a perfect place for people who love different cuisine
  2. Because it has a lot of immigrants it is a place where cultures clash and morph
  3. Inexpensive housing and short commutes set Belmont on the top of the chart
  4. There are plenty of outdoor activities in the proximity of the neighborhood
  5. Arthur Avenue attracts many visitors throughout the year

A variety of cultures and different cuisines are what make this neighborhood stand out the most. Join us as we dive into what makes living in Belmont a good choice. Moreover, hiring local movers in Bronx will help you relocate and settle in this lovely part of the Bronx borough.

There is a variety of cuisine

The name Little Italy is there for a reason. Because of the Italian immigrants that settled the neighborhood in its early days this place is an epicenter of bakeries, restaurants, and delis. Living in Belmont means that you can spend countless hours searching through stores and shops, drinking coffee at the local coffee shops, or enjoy different cuisine in a variety of restaurants available.

pasta, tomatoes and a wooden spoon on a table
A neighborhood that is known as Little Italy of New York will surely bring you closer to the Italian cuisine amongst others

You will not feel short of any type of food as this neighborhood contains a wide range of different cultural specialties. Moreover, hiring Belmont movers is one of the best ways to ensure that you are introduced to the neighborhood properly. Allow professional movers to help you relocate your home so you can enjoy the new neighborhood.

Belmont is a mixture of different cultures in one neighborhood

Due to the history of immigration from all over the world, the neighborhood of Belmont is a perfect place that morphs all of those cultures together. From coffee shops to authentic Italian restaurants and Asian cuisine you can find whatever you desire. Traditionally this was an Italian part of Bronx, but lately, more and more Latino, Asian and African-American population found home in this area. This only adds to the diversity the neighborhood has and allows you to explore different cultures and people while being in the heart of New York.

Inexpensive housing and short commutes

Housing prices in Belmont are not as high as they are in other parts of the city. However, this allows you to have a better grasp of your financial status and help you save up money. Moreover, because it is close to many other New York neighborhoods the commutes are not very long. This is especially important, as we are talking about the city of New York. The neighborhood is walk-friendly and this is what we recommend.

Sky view of the affordable housing in the Bronx as one of the reasons living in Belmont is a good choice
Affordable housing and short commutes are a true advantage for a neighborhood in the heart of New York City

Because there is a lot of different cultures to see, walking around the neighborhood is the best choice. However, if you wish you can take the metro to get to Manhattan and the rest of the city. The whole area is very accessible and allows residents to not be cut out of any activities that are happening.

Living in Belmont is a great way to stay active

New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo are very close to the neighborhood. This makes it an ideal place for people who want to engage in more of an active lifestyle. You can have easy access to Bronx park which is on the eastern side of the borough. The location of the neighborhood makes it easy to move around town without being stuck in traffic. In those parks, you can find jogging trails, workout areas, and other light, everyday activities. It is one of the most fun neighbourhoods to live in New York and for a good reason.

Arthur Avenue attracts many visitors throughout the year

Arthur Avenue is one of the most notable streets in the whole area. It is filled with different shops, coffee shops, restaurants, delis, etc. Because of this, it attracts many different visitors both from the city of New York and from the outside. Then famous, Italian suburb is now home to many different cultures. The most important factor is people which gives the neighborhood an international vibe. You can spend hours walking down Arthur Avenue and enjoy the variety of offers many shops have for you. World-class restaurants, specialty stores with handmade products, and a charming old-world feel really make this neighborhood stand out. Living in Belmont is perfect for people who enjoy a slow-paced lifestyle without chasing clocks or rushing. With all the sights to see and places to visit, we have no doubt that you will fall in love with this part of the borough.

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