15 things to do in February in NYC

For the USA, February is the month of love, remembrance of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, President’s Day, as well as the month of the beginning of Great Lent for Christians. Also, it is a month of many events in the metropolises of the states. But if you want to experience an unforgettable February, the Big Apple is the place to be. So, if you have moved here or are still organizing a move to one of its boroughs, use this month to get to know the city. After all, there are so many things to do in February in NYC! With the help of the adventurous spirit experts at Best Movers NYC, we’ll introduce you to everything that awaits you this winter month.

Attractive things to do in February in NYC

As the most populous city with 8.3 million inhabitants, five boroughs, and a large number of districts and boroughs, New York is a place that always has something to offer. One of the most attractive places to be this February in this city is certainly Manhattan! With over 1.6 million inhabitants and a large number of tourists from different parts of the world, the crowds in Manhattan will be a hallmark of every February day. Keeping this in mind, you can expect a large number of residents who actively or passively, as observers, participate in the events. In 2022, as many as 1,765 residents from other boroughs of New York moved to Manhattan. With the help of the best Manhattan movers, this borough can be your home in the shortest possible time! Meanwhile, see what events make life in Manhattan interesting!

Ice skating in front of NY skyscrapers is one of the things to do in February in NYC
New York is a city of many possibilities. February offers an incredible variety of entertainment, so if you’re new to this city don’t worry, you’ll find something you like.

1. Attend Broadway Week in NYC or ride the bumper cars at Bryant Park

Broadway Week in New York happens twice a year, and this time it gives you twice as much reason to love the theater. Many popular plays are on the program, such as Aladdin, Harry Potter, Wicked, Moulin Rouge, and Hadestown. Even though this spectacle started on January 17, it lasts until February 12, so take the opportunity to enjoy this February event as well. On the other hand, if you prefer a different type of amusement, you can try riding the bumper cars in Bryan Park! This activity is exciting for kids and adults alike, however, there are certain limits. Rides are available for those ages 7 and up and weighing less than 300 pounds, and cost about 20-25$ for a ticket. This event is available until February 27th, so make sure to put it in your calendar!

advertising light on NYC high rise buildings at night
Among the things to do in February in NYC is Broadway Week. You will have the opportunity to watch some of the most famous performances on stage, Harry Potter, Aladdin, and Moulin Rouge

2. Chinese New Year

On February 12, 2023, Manhattan will host a Chinese New Year parade, which will begin in Little Italy. Lion and dragon dancers, acrobats, magicians, and marching bands will pass through all the main streets of Lower Chinatown. Also, Sarah Roosevelt Park will host a Lunar New Year firecracker ceremony, which is believed to ward off evil spirits. Traditional and contemporary Asian-American dancers will present their performances in the heart of Chinatown. During the ceremony in this unique neighborhood, be sure to visit the Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory as well as the Canal Street market. And to get ready for this Eastern spectacle on time, contact local movers Chinatown and get your move done quickly and reliably!

3. Valentine’s Day

Like every year, this romantic event takes place on February 14, when hundreds of couples tie the knot or propose to their better halves. If you’re hiring movers Midtown Manhattan to relocate here during this time of the year, you could join other couples in “Love in Times Square”. You can also take part in the annual vow renewal ceremony on the red steps of Duffy Square. Also, a special installation of four rows of heart-shaped hedges will be on display in February. Passing through the maze of hedge paths, you will enjoy the scent of roses along the trellises.

A couple planning things to do in February in NYC
Whether you’re already in love, or you’re looking for your soulmate, things to do in February in NYC can help you find what you need!

In the evening, you can organize a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants in Little Italy, as this part of Manhattan is a foodie’s paradise. Among the many authentic Italian restaurants are La Mela Ristorante, Da Nico Ristorante, Da Gennaro Restaurant, and a place where you can enjoy Italian cakes, Polosud Gelato, Coffee, and Pastries. If you are a fan of 19th-century classics, you can head to the Merchant’s House Museum in the evening. “Love in the Parlors: A Valentine in Concert” will take place there, so make sure to attend it!

4. Spend a fun day at the Bronx Zoo

In addition to the iconic Yankee Stadium and the beautiful New York City Botanical Gardens, the Bronx is also known for its largest urban zoo. This borough of NYC is home to about 1.5 million residents. With a median household income of $43,011, this borough is not among the wealthiest in NYC. But rest assured that it also offers its residents entertainment. On February 14, the Zoo will host an event called Name a Roach. This interesting event is intended for those who have ended their relationships, so February will be an interesting month for them too. On that day, you will be able to call your ex-partner a roach and take revenge on him without legal punishment. And for those in love, the Zoo offers a Roach Romance package. With the package, couples will be able to learn about the role of insects in making chocolate!

5. Orchid Show in Botanical Garden

Thanks to artist Lily Kwong, residents of the Bronx and other boroughs of NYC will be able to enjoy The Orchid Show: Natural Heritage. This event will open on February 18 at the Botanical Garden. Visitors will enjoy an extraordinary selection of rare species of orchids that will adorn the arches overhead, but as well as all other corners of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. Give your better half a day with both the scents of these Asian flowers and pleasant music!

An orchid among other green plants
Again this year, NYC will host the Orchid Show at the Botanical Garden. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with some rare species of orchids.

6. Skating is also one of the things to do in February in NYC

Another very popular attraction this winter month is ice skating in Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Bryant Park. Wollman Rink in Central Park is one of the most visited ice rinks in New York. Considering its size, it is a great place for both those who are more skilled in this sport and those who just want to take pictures. The Rockefeller Ice Rink, located right behind Rockefeller Center, is a great place for night skating. Due to its popularity, it happens that visitors stand in line waiting for their moment to enter the ice. If Times Square is the closest location to you, visit the ice rink at Bryant Park. There, you will have a special experience of skating in the middle of New York skyscrapers.

Things to do in February in NYC with your kids

New York is a city with over 816 thousand families with children. For parents, this city is a treasure trove of business opportunities. But for children, New York is primarily a city full of entertainment. However, it is also a place where the level of quality of education is chosen. In the five boroughs, you’ll find many schools, both public and private, as well as over 400 colleges and universities. This is the largest education system in the entire US and certainly the best. If this makes you think about moving to New York these days, you can look to long distance movers Bronx. And don’t worry, NYC will provide its youngest with daily entertainment during February, but also every other month of the year.

1. Enjoy the amazing scenery of NYC from the Edge

If you’ve arranged your move with residential or commercial movers Chelsea this February, take the time to get a closer look at the city from the top of one of NYC’s tallest buildings. This vibrant neighborhood will offer you a large number of outdoor activities. What you have to experience is the unique view from the Edge, the highest outdoor observation deck, the glass bottom floor, and the deck extending 80 feet away from the building. At 1131 feet high, visitors will especially experience New York. Visiting this platform is available every day from 8 am to midnight.

view of NYC from the sky
If you ever wanted to see NYC from a bird’s eye view, you have the opportunity to experience it from the observation deck of the Edge building

2. Kids Week at the Intrepid Museum

Another NYC attraction is located in the neighborhood of Manhattan, which is bounded by Central Park and the Hudson River. The West Side of Manhattan is home to the Intrepid Museum. If you have arranged a move with your moving company Upper West Side, make your children happy with the Kids Week festival this February. It will start on February 18, and during the festival, children will learn about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in a fun way. The program will allow children to meet exotic animals, design a habitat for life on the moon and observe Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. Also, the NASA program will be shown for children for three days.

3. Sesame Street Live

Brooklyn will also be the borough of fun this February. On Saturday, February 25, and Sunday, February 26, at the Kings Theater, the merry company of Sesame Street will be waiting for you. In this interactive show, your kids will hang out with Elmo and the crew. With their help, he will discover why it’s okay to make mistakes and how everything can be overcome by believing in yourself. So, if you’ve decided to move to Brooklyn and want the kids to make it to this event, book your move with one of the best residential movers Brooklyn. Sesame Street will be a nice start for life in a new home.

4. Winter Dog Days

If you are a dog owner and started this year by moving into your new home with a moving company in Financial District, February brings an interesting event. Every Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to hop from your neighborhood to Governors Island with your dog. Since you have to use the ferry, know that during this month it will also be free for your dog until 3 pm. There is a place where your pet will be able to run freely without a leash. It is the dog park, located behind Liggett Terrace near the middle of the island.

5. Among the things to do in February in NYC do not miss the Jurassic World live tour

One of the most attended events, the Jurassic World Live tour, will take place this February in NYC. More than twenty life-sized dinosaurs will take the Barclays Center stage. The actors will portray the magnificence of these creatures in the best possible way, creating an interesting scenario for all visitors. Visitors will have the full feeling of being among the creatures of the Jurassic era, surrounded by sound effects, pyrotechnics, and stunts by the actors. This event will take place from February 24-26 and tickets are already on sale. So, if you’ve arranged your move with local movers Prospect Heights, visit this spectacle in your neighborhood at the Barclays Center.

dinosaur among green plants
One of the biggest events for children in February. With moving dinosaurs and fantastic actors on stage, you will feel like you are in Jurassic time

6. Visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum or Winter Ice Sculpture Show

Give children the opportunity to stand in front of the most important historical figures, but also to take photos with today’s celebrities. Madame Tussauds New York Wax Museum in Times Square will be great fun for kids, especially older ones. The museum does not have a “do not touch anything” rule. Also, children are encouraged to interact with the wax exhibits. Weekends are the busiest in the museum, so arrange a visit during the working week. If wax figures are not your thing, keep in mind that the second Winter Ice Sculpture Show will be held on Governors Island this February. The two-hour show, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on February 18, will feature sculpted figures that will be displayed until they melt.

These are our picks for the best things to do in February in NYC!

February is a month of many events around the world, but in New York they are all doubled and tripled. Whichever side of the city you choose, you will come across some things to do in February in NYC. At the same time, it will be a good way to get to know the city after moving. Experience the Big Apple with your family through these exciting events. And don’t forget, bring a violet and show someone how much you care with this symbolic flower of the month of February.

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