Different types of moving boxes and their use

Relocation is a process combined with different parts. And one of those parts is packing. For sure, packing is the most time-consuming part, and it can be really stressful. Many moving companies offer you packing services, but people prefer to do it on their own. We are talking about your private belongings, and it is better when you know exactly where you put them. Because of this reason, you want to do the packing right. And to do so, you will need proper moving supplies. You can always ask the Best Movers NYC has for a piece of advice, and help. Now, you need to know that boxes are the main supply for packing. And there are different types of moving boxes. Learn which types are the most needed ones, and how in fact do you use them, and for what purposes. Prepare yourself for this relocation.

Couple holding cardboard boxes.
Find what are different types of moving boxes and which ones you will need.

There are many different types of moving boxes, and we firstly divide them by their size

Maybe you already knew this, but we can divide different types of moving boxes by their size. Not everything you own is the same size, of course. And not everything can fit inside one box. Something will be too small or too big for a certain box. That is the reason why you should get all the sizes. And make sure that you have a few extra boxes just in case. You don’t want to end up without moving supply that is the most important. Also, you can check with your long-distance movers NYC if they know how and where you can get each type of box. You don’t have to buy them every time. There are some places where you can rent them, or even get them for free. But before you start looking for them, let’s figure out which sizes exist and for what purposes.

Types of boxes by their size

  • Small boxes – this is the smallest size of a box. Some people might refer to it as a “book box”. However you decide to call it, it will be about 1.5 cubic feet. This box is used mostly for books. But you can use it for other heavy items such as canned food and goods, records, shoes, small appliances, and many other things that you have in your home.
  • Medium boxes – this box is around twice bigger as the previous one. Usually, it is around 3 cubic feet. You can often hear people calling it an “all-purpose box”. Since it is really made for different kinds of purposes. Here you can pack various things such as kitchen utensils, some lamps, plants, toys, bed linen, and other essentials.
  • Large box – of course, this one is the biggest box. It is around 4 cubic feet. And this box, even though it is the biggest one, is made for actually lighter possessions. When we say lighter we mean clothing, pillows, blankets, lighter duvets, and things similar to that. 

When you are packing your bedroom you will need some wardrobe boxes and mattress boxes

Let’s say that you want to pack your bedroom first. Well, in addition, to be able to do so, you need to get specific types of boxes. First of all, you will need a wardrobe box. Or even a few of them. It is a kind of a large box that is basically “standing” upright. When you get this box, it comes with a bag for hanging clothing, curtains, and draperies. Usually, this is the best box for clothing because it will keep it from becoming wrinkled, dirty, and so on. Another box that you also need when you are packing your bedroom is the mattress box.

This is a box to prevent your mattress from any kind of damage. And it comes in plenty of various shapes. You have it for crib bed, twin, single, standard, double, and so on. This is not the most needed box, but having one will make it easier on your residential movers in Queens as well.

Cardboard box with something written on it.
Make sure you label which boxes are with fragile items.

Some of the different types of moving boxes are dish and glassware boxes, and plastic bins

When you have to pack fragile items, you need to know exactly how to do it. Getting the right kind of box, for starters. There are dish and glassware boxes which are already made for this. So you won’t have to waste your time improvising. When you have a box that is made for glassware, for instance, it already comes with cell dividers. And it is easier to transport these kitchen things, and it is safe. Also, there are plastic bins that you can also use. They don’t have cell dividers inside, but they can be more useful than cardboard boxes for cutlery and silverware, for instance. Or any other things in the kitchen that are not fragile or large.

There are also TV boxes and even boxes for mirrors

You all have heard about the fact when you break a mirror, seven years of bad luck will follow you. To make sure you completely avoid this kind of accident, you need to get mirror boxes. They come in different shapes and sizes. So you will have to find suitable ones for your mirrors. Also, you will make it easier quite a lot for your Staten Island local movers that will relocate you. And, another thing that is very valuable, and you should take care of is your television. It is not something cheap so you can just buy a new one if you damage the current one. So, this means you will have to protect it quite well. And because of this, they made TV boxes. You have flat screens and non-flat ones. Depending on what kind of TV you own, buy a suitable box.

Person packing glasses in a box.
If you don’t find a proper box for your glassware, there are other solutions.

If you have antiques or some kind of artwork, you will need something different

Not everyone owns a set of antiques or some valuable pieces of artwork. But, if you do, then there is something else you will have to get. And we are talking about custom crates, or how some people like to call them, wooden crates. This is not the only solution for them, of course. Read more about it, and figure out how to pack this kind of belongings.

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